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Kevin Love needs more touches when the Cleveland Cavaliers offense sizzles, Tyronn Lue says

CLEVELAND – After seeing his team collapse in the second half for the third consecutive game, Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue said his team must go through star Kevin Love when his offense starts to sizzle.

Post basketball, "Lue said of his preferred solution when the Cavs go through periods of drought as they did on Wednesday, when they almost wasted a 20-point halftime lead before escaping with a 104-103 victory over Orlando. Magic.

Love finished with 12 points on 3 of 10 shots with 11 rebounds and 2 assists. he had four shot attempts in the second half when the Cavs threw only 13 of 40 as a team (32.5 percent) Three Cavs players had more attempts than him after halftime: Isaiah Thomas (nine), LeBron James (seven) and Jeff Green (seven) – and Derri ck Rose tied it with four shot attempts.

"I know Kevin is playing 5 and sometimes he has 5s that protect him, but we still have to be able to touch him and get him involved in the game," Lue said. "I thought tonight was great defensively, but we did not use it as much as we should, but he kept playing during the game, and I thought it was great, but even in those offensive breaks, we have to keep publishing against 5s and just go what he can do there. "

Cleveland had 19 assists in 25 field goals in the first half, followed by just three assists in 13 baskets made in the second half.

Love, taking a page from the playbook of her former teammate Kyrie Irving (and Kobe Bryant before Irving), returned to the court at Quicken Loans Arena shortly after the last bell to get more shots, working a great amount of foam after having scored 31 minutes in the game.

"[Wednesday] we had a good practice and we moved the ball extremely well," said Love. "He feels that when we do it we are a better team, there are simply times when we have faults, on one side of the floor or we are not getting those touches of paint, so I do not think it's just I think we all play together, moving that ball and playing against each other. "

In the six games that Love has played with Thomas, he has tried 15 or more hits just once. In the 37 games he played without Thomas this season, Love attempted 15 or more shots 17 times.

"Collectively, as a group, we have to do a better job knowing that," said Thomas, who finished with 21 points in 6 of 15 shots. "Two or three times less, knowing that we have not had a good chance, we need the ball to move, we need the ball to move from one place to another, or we have to find the best possible opportunity. one step, if that is the case.

"But we will solve it. We have to solve it [still]. But we will do it "

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