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Kevin Feige says that Marvel did not want Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

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Who else could have played Iron Man?

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Warning: Possible Marvel Universe spoilers ahead.

Now it is hard to imagine any other actor in the role of Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, in the Marvel movie universe. But at a Reddit Ask Me Anything question and answer session on Wednesday night, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said he had to fight hard for the casting.

Feige actually answered that question twice.

First, the user of Reddit, JokerFaces2, asked Feige, what was his most difficult sale to the executives, the only thing "in which you fought the most, others tried to close"

And the second time, the Reddit user WhoDey42 simply asked: "For what casting did you have to fight harder?"

Downey was the answer both times. Feige said she also had to fight to make Captain America: The first avenger a movie from the Second World War period.

Feige also responded to a variety of other questions about the Marvel movies. For some, he kept a small mystery alive. The Reddit user GentlemanGearGrinder asked: "Is there any plan to incorporate the Ten Rings of the first Iron Man, or the" real "Mandarin joked in" All Hail the King "in the future?"

Feige simply said, "yes." But that sent some readers spiraling, as the user Infinity-Gauntlet pointed out in the spoiler text that there have been rumors that Mandarin will appear in the next Shang Chi movie.

Feige also revealed that the late Marvel Comics leader, Stan Lee, did not see Avengers: Endgame before. his death in November 2018.

"Stan loved to wait to see the final movie at the premiere, so unfortunately he could not see the finished movie," Feige said. "Stan got a download of the full story the day he came and shot his cameo."

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