Kevin Feige reveals why they replaced Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver with Evan Peters

The shocking revelation that Quicksilver had essentially been recast into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to WandaVision He surprised fans, with X-Men movie actor Evan Peters replacing Aaron Taylor-Johnson in a moment that had fans questioning what he meant to the multiverse. But of what bothered us WandaVision Episode 5, “In A Very Special Episode …” only raised questions about Quicksilver’s arrival, and it may not open the door to a crossover with the X-Men franchise in the future. We now know that this version of Pietro is not the real deal, especially after Agatha Harkness opened up about her manipulation of Wanda Maximoff. But what does it mean for Marvel to move forward?

During the Disney + TCA presentation on Wednesday, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said that the decision to bring in Peters in place of Taylor-Johnson happened quite early in the development process and then explained that it is all part of how “certain people” are playing with Wanda.

“That’s one of the fun things about developing these things or making a blue sky in rooms,” Feige said (via The coat). “My favorite part of the process is always the beginning, when we realize what something could be and the end, when we refine it and present it to the world. So there were all kinds of discussions, but I think we ended up going with it. that you saw relatively early in the development process. It’s just another way certain people were playing with Wanda. “

And last week’s “Breaking the Fourth Wall”, the show’s seventh episode, revealed that someone was messing with Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and was using “Pietro” to do it. The episode saw Agnes reveal herself as Agatha and a montage showed viewers what “Agatha all the time” had been like with a catchy theme, a theme song that has spawned many covers and remixes from creative fans. Of course, there are still many theories that suggest that Agatha may not be WandaVision’s big bad. There are many theories that suggest that Mephisto or Nightmare could still be behind everything and even some theories that Quicksilver could be Chthon. Fans will only have to wait for the last two episodes to find out.

The first seven episodes of WandaVision they are now broadcasting on Disney +.

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