Kevin Feige addresses the return of Daredevil and other missing Marvel TV shows in the MCU

While Marvel Studios has re-entered the world of television through WandaVision and already has an impressive list of upcoming shows like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Y Loki, the future of his previous television shows had become increasingly blurred. Fans of the shows had been put off by the fact that it now seemed impossible to accommodate shows like Jessica Jones, Agents of protection, Luke cage, The Punisher, and Daredevil when the MCU’s current trajectory differs markedly from the one these shows followed. But fear not, as Kevin Feige has assured that these shows have a future after all in the MCU.

Recently, while speaking at the Disney + TCA virtual press tour when Kevin Feige When asked about the future of previous Marvel TV shows and whether there is a possibility that they could become part of the MCU, the Marvel boss gave the most perfect answer.

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“I think we could probably do it, I think a lot of those things come back to us. There are always rumors online about reversing things, sometimes that’s true, sometimes not, but I’m not exactly sure of the exact contracts, but maybe someday . “

“My story in Wonderful It’s vast and involved zero control for a long time, so I paid more attention to the things I gained control over rather than the things I had no control over. Television at the time was just one of those things that we weren’t doing, like when Fox was making X-Men movies or Sony was making Spider-Man movies without us, “Feige added.” Those were just the rules Marvel was operating under at the time. It was much more of an opportunity and something that got us excited at Marvel Studios when Bob Iger started asking us to work on shows for Disney +. It wasn’t a disappointment or something we thought about a lot when Marvel Television was doing their show. “

Of all those beloved Marvel shows, there is one whose existence has apparently already been teased once again in Phase IV of the MCU: Agents of protection. Whether it’s the “Hydra Soak” commercial that reminded us of Phil Coulson’s conspiracy theory or the recent appearance of Skye’s Hula girl on the dash of a circus van in Episode 7, fans of the Marvel show are sure. about what WandaVision will connect to it in some way. But when asked about it, Feige chose to be vague with his answer.

“Often there are rumors that are true and often there are rumors that are not. It was a lot of fun that Clark Gregg returned to the MCU in Captain Marvel. Everything else, we’ll have to see.”

And for anyone who thinks those early shows weren’t as successful as WandaVision is today, Feige had another suitable response.

“I think there are legions of Agents of protection fans and Reckless fans and Jessica jones fans and Luke cage fans. There is a huge fan base for those shows, “he shared.

For now, at least fans of all those Marvel shows have Kevin Feige’s “maybe someday” as the guarantee that they have every chance to see their beloved characters one more time, their story is not over yet. The news comes to us through Deadline.

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