Kevin Connolly created by former costume designer accused of rape – Deadline

Circle Actor Kevin Connolly denies rape allegations made by a costume designer on his directorial debut Gardener of Eden.

The daily beast It was reported today that the film’s assistant costume designer Gracie Cox alleges that Connolly raped her in 2005 at the film’s wrap party. Cox told Daily animals The attack occurred when Connolly drove him to a deserted VIP area of ​​the now-closed Butter Lounge in Manhattan.

In a lengthy statement issued by a spokeswoman for the actor-director, Connolly says “the incident with Ms. Cox was consensual.”

Is cited in Cox Daily animals The article stated that she confessed to raping the film’s costume designer Amy Westcott and that Westcott confronted Condley at the party. Westcott confirmed Daily BeasT that Cox had told him about the incident and that he had confronted Connolly.

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Connolly says Westcott learned of consensual sex and “expressed his disappointment to both.”

Here’s the statement in full:

Kevin strongly supports victims of sexual assault and believes that their claims should always be heard. As a man who has worked in this industry for four decades, he has done nothing with respect to the people and has maintained his reputation. Therefore, he was completely shocked to learn about the allegations leveled by Gracie Cox from a rap party in 2005. The incident with Ms. Cox was intense, and she categorically denies any claim that it was an attack. When they returned to the rap party, Gracie’s boss, Amy Westcott, learned everything that happened and expressed disappointment for both of them. Gracie shared with Kevin that she was embarrassed after the trouble with Amy, the head of the costume department. According to IMDB, it does not appear that Gracie and Amy have worked together on a project since. Amy and Kevin worked together for two years at the entry, and a few years later Amy advised her assistant to pursue a second job with Kevin. Kevin fully understands Amy’s displeasure that there was a transpire between Kevin and Gracie 15 years ago after the production wrapped up and they were no longer working together on the movie. Kevin acknowledges his lack of professionalism on his part, but he strongly denies that it was anything other than a mutual consent encounter.