Kevin Cash threatens ‘creepy’ Yankee after Aroldis Chapman’s fan

Bad blood between the Yankees and Ray has been building for years, and it intensified on Tuesday night when Aerodis Chapman fired a 101 mph firefight behind Mike Brosseau’s head, the ninth peak of the Yankees’ ninth Was accompanied by two outsiders.

The pitch just missed Bruso, and after the umpires warned both benches, Chapman singled out Bruso to end the game, a much-needed win for the Yankees.

The real drama began when the bench was empty and the players had to split.

And it doesn’t seem to end, as Tampa Bay manager Kevin Cash ripped off the Yankees after being kicked out of the game.

“It’s poor judgment, poor coaching, poor teaching. … I have a perfectly stable pitcher that throws 98 miles per hour, ‘” Cash said. “Period.”

When Cash’s bid was related to Aaron Boone, the Yankees manager was intercepted.

Kevin Cash argues with the umpire after Erodis Chapman's fastball almost hits Matt Brosseau in the head.
Kevin Cash argues with the umpire after Erodis Chapman’s fastball almost hits Matt Brosseau in the head.NY Post: Charles Weinberg

“It’s a very scary comment,” Boone said. “I don’t think it’s perfect, but I’m not going to get into it right now.”

DJ LeMahieu, who participated in the win twice, did.

“His manager’s comments made the visits to our clubhouse very fast,” LeMahieu said. “Obviously, this is a very serious threat. But now what they have is … it seems they will try to throw us [Wednesday]. We will be ready. ”

There will certainly be talks before the teams meet Wednesday – especially with the history between the clubs, with allegations of headhunting and objective pitches from both sides over the years.

Cash was also upset by Masahiro Tanaka hitting Joey Wendle with two outs in the first inning.

“It was clear as day,” the Tampa Bay manager said.

Chapman declined to comment via team spokesman after the game, but Britton defended his teammates.

“He’s working through some rust [from being out recovering from COVID-19], ‘Briton said. “He’s still not as sharp as he is going to be.”

“It’s definitely scary,” Bruso said. “You don’t step into the box with a scared mindset. One hundred [mph] There is something in your head that will make you believe.

It marked a crucial win for the Yankees team that was in danger of losing eight of the Rays this season – and fell in a tie for second place in the AL East with the Blue Jay. Instead, they came back in a game of 3 3 / they’re behind Tampa Bay.

Gio Urshela’s go-for double in the bottom of the sixth run of the 2–2 game opened him up. It scored two runs and somehow managed to play.

He also got a strong outing from Tanaka, who conceded two runs in six innings after being removed after just 66 pitches in his last outing. He threw 85 Tuesday.

Tanaka made it through four innings without a hiccup, but he allowed a double-lead rule for Willie Adams in the fifth.

Kevin Kiermaier tied the game 2–2, sending a two-run homer to the second deck on a 0–2 pitch with a 2–2 draw. They were the only runs given by Tanaka.

The game finished in sixth place due to a superb diving catch by Clint Frazier at right-center on the Wendle liner in the second half.

With two at the end of the innings, Urshela gave a shot to center and the ball was found by diving Kirmer. Voight and Frazier scored. A home throw from Riley went over Michael Perez.

The ball went to the backstop and after initially hesitating, Urshela raced home. Thompson supported the play and was tossed back for Perez to get Urshella, but Urshella used a nifty headfirst slide to get under Perez’s glove and give the Yankees a 5–0 lead to score. .

Jonathan Loesiga started in the seventh for Tanaka.

With rogues out of Logiga, Badri, rookie Devi Garcia assured another start in Friday’s doubleheader in Baltimore, giving Adams a single homer, giving the Yankees a 5-3 lead.

“I’ve said before, we don’t like them, they don’t like us,” Kirmeyer said.

That Tuesday did not change.