Kenya opposition delays plan to swear leader as president

The main opposition alliance of Kenya postponed indefinitely plans to swear in its leader as president of the so-called People's Assembly, after the government warned that such a step would amount to treason.

A ceremony to be held in the port city of Mombasa, on December 12, was canceled after "extensive internal consultations and commitment with a wide range of national and international interlocutors," said the National Super League in a statement sent by email on Sunday. Last week, the US Department of State UU He urged the opposition to suspend the event.

"We are going to announce the new dates of both the oath ceremony and the launching of the Popular Assembly, as well as a more vigorous and prolonged resistance in the coming days," the alliance said.

Nasa, as the opposition coalition is known, convened the Popular Assembly in October, after rejecting the repetition of that month's presidential re-election, won by incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta. Alliance leader Raila Odinga, who refused to participate in the vote, rejected the result as a farce because the electoral authority did not implement the reforms required by its alliance to guarantee a fair vote.

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