Kentucky head coach John Calipari warns the team not to think they have an easy path to the Final Four

ATLANTA – Kentucky coach John Calipari warns his players to "not drink that poison" by reading and commenting on the team's path to the Final Four.

"The poison is that we have an easy way," Calipari said. "If they drink the poison, we will do it on Thursday."

Calipari is not buying the notion that Kentucky No. 5, which is the highest seed in the South Region, has the easiest path of any team in Sweet 16. No. 1 Virginia and No. 4 Arizona were eliminated from the first round of the tournament.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, Kentucky He entered the round of 64 with a 2 percent chance of reaching the Final Four. After Cincinnati's No. 2 loss to the seventh Nevada on Sunday, it increased to 49 percent.

In any case, Calipari said that the narration that Kentucky is safe to advance is being used to influence his team "probably because they" are young and know they do not know any better "

His advice:" No leas, do not look at it. "

Calipari's comments were similar to those of Alabama coach Nick Saban last October when he told reporters after a win over Texas A & M," ​​I'm trying to make our players listen to me instead of listening to you. All those things that they write about how good we are. All those things that you hear on ESPN. as poison. It's like taking poison, like rat poison. "

" It's a one-shot game, just give it your best, "Calipari said of the tournament." If you think, 'We have this, it's easy', you're done … This is unpredictable. "

Kentucky plays Kansas State No. 9 on Thursday in Atlanta.

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