Kentucky and Tennessee have declared war on Twitter (and the UK is winning)

Photo by Elliott Hess | UK Athletics

Photo via SEC

Everybody loves good meat on Twitter, and right now Kentucky’s Twitter fingers are dueling the tobacco residue-filled fingers of the folks who run the Tennessee Volunteers Basketball Twitter account. (I’m sure they are good people, but you understand the essence.)

It’s one thing to own the pitch, but is it also on Twitter? Just a tough look right now for those who like to dress up in the putrid orange Rocky Top.

Beating Tennessee is routine

Oh Tennessee. Granted, beating Kentucky three times is pretty impressive, but as Kentucky Basketball’s Twitter account points out, being down 82 games in all time series doesn’t really indicate a routine for winning at Vol-land.

Look and smile

Life comes to you fast.

No, we are having more fun!

Things were going great for the Wildcats when this tweet was sent, but an epic collapse ensued.

But, as always, Kentucky had the last laugh.

Oh, and Kentucky didn’t celebrate like it won a tournament game, which gets to the point that Kentucky will always be Kentucky and Tennessee will always be that team south of the border that has never been to a Final Four.

Vol-Twitter might get your comments from time to time. They could even beat the UK three times in a row, but if you have to dedicate a graphic to one of your coaches who beat Kentucky three times on the road, I wouldn’t necessarily call that a rivalry.

Kentucky will always be the king in this rivalry, but hey, at least Tennessee has its really relevant football… it doesn’t matter.


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