Kenosha: There has been increased fears that Trump’s visit may increase tensions amid protests. US news

Following the police shooting of Jacob Blake in the city last Sunday, a planned visit by Donald Trump this week sparked concern over the tense but peaceful situation continuing in Kenosa for the past four days and nights.

Black 29-year-old father Blake was shot seven times in the back by a white police officer in the small Wisconsin town, and his family says he is now paralyzed from the waist down.

There was unrest the next night and then a largely peaceful march spiraled into chaos on Tuesday night when white armed agitators appeared on the streets and, after applause and even after curfew was watered by police, confronted and shooting protesters Appeared to begin.

A white teenager, 17-year-old, Kyle Ritenhaus, was seen in the video walking away after shooting a man, while others stopped the victim for medical attention, although he later died.

Rittenhouse was then being chased and, as the men tried to stop him, shooting again, then later walking through police lines with a rifle around his neck and his hands, without arrest. .

He transformed himself the next day in Antioch, Illinois, and is accused of deliberately committing suicide after allegedly killing two white people, and other charges related to the assault rifle he carried, and another shootout. In which a person’s arm was severely cut. Injured.

Since Tuesday night, marches and rallies in Kenosha have calmed down.

On Saturday, Blake’s family spoke at a passionate, peaceful rally in Kenosha. “We’re not going to stop,” said Blake’s father, Jacob Sean. “We are still suffering because there are two justice systems. There is one for that white boy [Rittenhouse] He went on the road and killed two people and broke the other man’s arm. Then there is one for my son.

He was also a critic of the police. “Are they empowered to think that my son was an animal?” he said.

The US president announced plans to visit Kenosha on Saturday.

California Democratic Congress President Karen Bais said Sunday that she thought the violence that erupted Tuesday night in Conosa was “absolutely horrific” after the police action, which was also captured in the video.

He said of Rittenhouse: “The idea that we will see the young man with a rifle walking towards the police and they do nothing and he has killed two people, and the next day the head of law enforcement Feels guilty [the deaths] 90% protest against people leaving after curfew [in Kenosha] Been peaceful, ”he said.

Jacob Blake's father speaks to a crowd gathered at Civic Center Park in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Sunday.

Jacob Blake’s father speaks to a crowd gathered at Civic Center Park in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Sunday. Photo: Jim Wondraska / Reuters

The federal government has conducted a civil rights investigation into the shooting and after nearly five days of silence, Trump said on Friday that Blake’s image of being shot by police “was not a good sight”.

But Bass said of Trump’s plan to travel to Kensoha: “I think this trip has one purpose and one purpose only and that is to excite things.”

Trump has been speeding himself up in terms of an election campaign focused on spreading unrest, even as he appeared to lay eggs on Trump supporters, who took out a huge procession in Portland, Oregon on Saturday night, and on protesters Paintball and pepper spray killed. , Retweet the video of the incident.

And that Tweeted Just “Law and Order” on Sunday morning.

In fact, Bass told CNN that she thinks “she’s going to do everything to disrupt law and order” so that she can try to win re-election with the sowing division and fear.

The president has been instrumental in the wave of protests against police brutality and systemic racism that swept the US since the police assassination of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May.

Democratic Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris interacted extensively with Jacob Blake’s family and strongly condemned the police shooting.

Miles Taylor, former Chief of Staff Kirsten Jelsen, who is Homeland Security secretary, and now an adviser to an anti-Trump group, the Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform (Repair), said the presidential visit “silenced the rhetoric” Are “, he was worried.

“My problem is that Donald Trump goes to these places to politicize things … If you go to deliver a unified message, yes, but I doubt it,” he said.

It is not clear whether Trump has plans to meet Blake or his family.

Kenosha is the latest city in the US to protest against racism and excessive use of force by police. In addition to police reforms, the mostly white Midwestern community needs to address the fundamental disadvantages black people face in Kenosha, according to Verona King, former president of the Verona King of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) chapter is.

While about 13% of whites live in poverty in Kenosha, more than a third of black residents are poor. Kenosha lacks racial equality within the housing, health care, education and justice systems, King said.

He said, “We want to remove casteism prevalent in all these areas.”

While most of the protests in Kenosha have been peaceful, there was some initial damage to property and businesses in the city.

“We are not the last community to know what it will be,” said Vicky Kwasny, a resident, as she saw dozens of torched cars in the parking lot near her home. “I hope we can fix it.” We have a lot of cleaning to do. ”

A 31-year-old teacher, Chassie Brown, gave her two months of water and snacks as Godson during a march on Saturday.

“This morning … everything got hold of me and I just sat at the foot of my bed and cried. Because it’s not the Kenosha we know,” she said. “It’s real, heavy and sad, but then I come out and look at it and it reminds me that … we have our faith and our hope. ”


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