Kendall Jenner scared of guns? She is scared at the shooting range – Hollywood Life –

Kendall Jenner scared of guns? She is scared at the shooting range – Hollywood Life


Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian visit a shooting range to help Kendall learn how to protect himself from the bullies, but it's not exactly how Kendall planned it!

In the DEC. 3 episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian 33, and Kendall Jenner 21, learn to shoot guns because they do not he feels safe with stalkers and thieves, and Kim Kardashian 37, changes his dog with Kourtney Kardashian because he's sick of his barking!

Kendall [19659009] is shopping with Khloe when she admits that the amount of thieves and stalkers she has had is starting to weigh on her. After Kendall expresses concern over Kim's theft in Paris, as well, Khloe suggests they discover how to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, Kim buys North West 4, a puppy for her birthday, and Kourtney, 38, does the same for Penelope Disick 5. Kim dog Sushi barks all the time, however, and is driving her crazy! "This is my luck," he sighs. Then she has the idea of ​​doing a dog exchange with Kourt's dog, Honey ! "Nobody will ever know which one is which," Kim outlines.

Khloe and Kendall continue their conversation, and decide to go to a range and learn how to fire their weapons. Kim is scared when she finds out they're thinking about getting guns! "I'm not comfortable with that, I would not like my children to surround him," he says.

Kim changes his dog with Kourtney and escapes. Yes, we'll see how fast Kourtney discovers what's going on … except that it's actually Reign 2, who knows! "It's from the North," he says, looking at the dog. Kourt is furious, and she calls Kim to complain. "You picked the wrong dog!" He declares. Kim still hopes that Penelope will join the other dog and not want to return her. Ooookay.

Khloe and Kendall have a lesson on the shooting range, and Kendall turns around while Khloe, who is much more comfortable, shoots at the target. "It's scaring me so much, I'm hiding behind the wall," admits the supermodel. Still, both Kendall and Khloe are happy that they feel more educated about the shooting.

Kourtney confronts Kim and retrieves Honey. "I'll have to deal with the barking of Sushi forever, I suppose," says Kim, resigned.

Later, Kendall and Khloe give a summary to Kim, and Khloe mentions the mbadive shootings that have recently occurred. "It's overwhelming and dark to think … it's so scary and depressing," she says. She and Kendall finally decide not to have guns in their own homes, and leave it to their security team.

Finally, Kim seeks professional help for Sushi and has Whispering Dog ( Cesar Millan ) come to his house! "All he wanted was a quiet dog," Kim tells him, and they have a brief lesson. Sushi actually shows some improvement, and Kim is optimistic.

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