Kendall Jenner finally discovers why she called Courtney Kardashian the worst parent in the family

If there is one thing that Kardashian / Jenners are good at besides being on reality TV, it is for children. All of keeping up with the Kardashians The stars have at least one child besides Kendall Jenner. As the last childless sibling, Kendall took a first look at the paternal style of each of her sisters. Last year, she revealed that Courtney Kardashian was the worst parent among all her siblings. Now, she is explaining why she said this.

Kendall Jenner, Courtney Kardashian, Khole Kardashian | Heidi Gutman / NBCUniversal

What did Kendall say about Courtney?

When kendall walked Late Late Show with James Corden In 2019, he played “to build up his courage or to up his courage”, where players are asked a question and either have to answer it or drink or eat whatever is in front.

Kendall opted for the latter when Harry Styles, filling in for James Corden, opted to rank his 1,000-year-old brinjal or his siblings from the best of parents.

“They’re all amazing, they really are,” she said. “I say Rob is number one, he’s great for his daughter. Then it’s going to be like Khloe, Kim, Kylie, Courtney.”

Why did Kendall choose Courtney?

After taping, Kendall tells her sister what had happened.

“I went to you, because I was like, ‘I’m going to put Rob in front of us and the rest’ so I’m not going to like either … I’m just going to throw them in there and I swear, God. Kourtney happened to be the last one, ”he told his sister Sibling reversionary Podcast.

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“But then I was like ‘Okay that sounds bad’, but before I was like they’re all amazing, they’re all incredible parents. And I don’t have any kids, we’re just about that.” Were talking. So I can’t really speak for anyone because I don’t have a child. But I know how amazing they are. ”

Kendall later admitted that she sees more of Courtney’s children than her other siblings, so she learns more about her upbringing style.

Why does Courtney think she was chosen?

Courtney does not really believe that Kendall’s choice had anything to do with her upbringing style. In his opinion, he was just an easy target.

“I don’t know. I don’t know if I make an easy target or if they think I’m not going to say anything,” Courtney said. “Or if it’s just like he would have said Kim or Kylie. about. I or Khalo found it easiest to say about it. So I think if you said about Kim and Kylie then forget about it. ”

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Are Kendall and Kourtney close?

As the two farthest of age, the oldest of the Courtney clan and the second youngest Kendall, fans might not think that Kendall and Kourtney are so close. But as Kendall enters the podcast, she sees Cortney and her children more than the rest of her siblings.

Kendall was also one to throw Courtney a socially distant birthday party for her 41st birthday this year. The party consisted of a parade of cars equipped with balloons and signs of driving around Courtney’s house.