Kelly Yeoman: Money raised to help the “suffocating” patient


  Kelly Yeoman

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Kelly Yeoman has been in the hospital since August, her friends said

Friends of a woman who is "slowly suffocating" in her own feces have raised 10,000 pounds to receive specialized treatment in a London hospital.

Kelly Yeoman, 34, was admitted to St Michael's Hospital in Bristol in August to verify the presence of endometriosis.

But after complications that left her body "filling her own poop", they took her to Southmead Hospital. [19659005] A spokeswoman said she continued to support Ms. Yeoman with her "complex care" needs.

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Initially, Dr. Yeoman told her that she had a skin infection after an exploratory operation on her womb.

"After two weeks it exploded, I went to the doctors and they thought it was sepsis and they rushed me to enter San Miguel," he said.

"I had a CT scan that showed my bowel was inflamed and severely constipated.

" My lungs and diaphragm are up here [chest height] so I can not breathe completely "

" Shout stronger "

St Michael said he had not received concerns or questions about his care at the hospital.

" This means that we have not had the opportunity to either talk to her or investigate those concerns, "a spokeswoman said.

Southmead Hospital said that every day a doctor sees Ms. Yeoman to handle her "complex care" with the usual collaboration of the surgical team.

"We encourage all patients to inform the staff if they have any question about her care, "said a spokeswoman.

Her friends want her to be admitted as a private patient at St. Mark's Hospital in London, which is a specialized intestinal center.

Mrs. Yeoman's work can not work and she has been "slowly stifling," according to her friend Peter Rankin, who fears she can not survive.

Your friends have now raised enough money to send you to a private center specializing in London.

"Unfortunately this has come to this" friend Wendy Barke said

"We had to shout a little louder and try to get some help from abroad"

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