Kelly Clarkson says life after divorce has been a ‘little bit of a dumpster’

Kelly Clarkson did not write the words this weekend, when Willie Giost asked “Sunday Today” how she was doing after the divorce.

“I mean it’s no secret,” said 38-year-old Clarkson. “My life has been a bit of a dumpster … Personally, it’s been a little tough the last few months.”

“I’m talking to friends who have come through a divorce,” she continued. “I don’t know how people pass without some sort of outlet because it’s the worst thing for everyone involved.”

Naming “irreparable difference” Clarkson filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock in June; She is requesting joint custody of her two children, River Rose, 6, and son, Remington, 4.

Clarkson says the division is factoring in her next record, which she says “will be the most personal I’ve ever released.”

“This whole record is basically every emotion that you experience from the beginning of a relationship to the end of where you are now or where you are now,” he said, “and it’s very curative for me . ”

“There’s one that my kids sing in the car,” Clarkson also said. “I have never written about my life where my children are singing.”

Clarkson says that winning the Day Time Emmy Award in June for her legendary talk show – for which she thanked Blackstock – was a bright spot for this summer.

“I completely forgot Emmis was on … my executive producer Alex called me and was like, ‘You’re the best host.’ And I was like, ‘Thank you.’

“And I was going on like a hard week, and I literally almost started crying.”

Her entire career in Clarkson’s TV career will fall when she works as a judge in the upcoming season of “The Voice” and fills in for Simon Cowell as she recovers from her bike accident.


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