Kelly Clarkson says her house in Los Angeles was stolen, our house was hit, I was crazy & # 39;


Kelly Clarkson spoke with Extra & # 39; s Renee Bargh, who congratulated Clarkson on how happy he looked and asked the singer how things were going in her life. However, Clarkson revealed some terrifying news.

"They stole us last night … Yes, it was crazy, we arrived here and our whole house was like squashed, it was crazy."

Renee asked if anything of value was taken from the house in which the 35-year-old shares with his family.

"Materialistic things that we did not care about, the guy was in our children's room … so it was kind of weird, apart from the fact that everyone is safe and good."

In addition to the Clarkson home theft, Kelly said that everything else in her family's life had been excellent. Clarkson said she believes that she and her family are blessed and grateful for the blessings, especially given that she and her family were not at home during the robbery.

Clarkson shares two children with her husband, Brandon Blackstock, including a 3-year-old daughter named River Rose and a 19-month-old son named Remington Alexander.

The thieves crawled to Alanis Morissette's house in Brentwood in February and took away items worth $ 2 million, including the singer's. Precious vintage jewels.

LAPD officials said they give priority to robberies that they believe are part of a series of crimes or committed by professional robbery teams, according to Los Angeles Times .

also prioritize cases in which unique items are stolen, such as works of art or jewelry, or where security cameras capture suspects and offer a good chance of making an arrest.

Clarkson is happy that his children are safe, but he has no plans to grow his family. Kelly had already opened Us Weekly about her desire to support her family with six members by having her husband perform a vasectomy.

"I was literally pregnant with Remi and I thought, 'You are being repaired, this will never happen to me again'."

Clarkson told Jenny McCarthy during an interview on her new SiriusXM show, The Jenny McCarthy Show in October that if she got pregnant again, it would be a miracle from God.

"If something happens, it's a miracle from God, I literally told my gynecologist on the table while it was open," If I get pregnant again, I'll find you! "

Regarding his Grammy nomination, Clarkson admitted that she was "shocked."

"I thought I would be eligible next year … but the song was released with enough time, and the category that I am in all artists is murderous."

Kelly Clarkson joined James Corden for his version of "Carpool Karaoke" and the host surprised the singer by turning her into a romantic date with her husband, Brandon Blackstock.

Regarding the "Carpool Karaoke" date with her husband, Clarkson smiled and said her husband is very funny Clarkson added that James Corden got her husband to participate in the "Carpool Karaoke" date.

Through his music, the student of American Idol wants to empower all women. "Piece by Piece" singer accepted the Powerhouse Award at the 2017 Women's Billboard Women in Music event on Thursday night. Clarkson asked that female artists strive to support and encourage each other.

Clarkson spoke about working with women in the music industry, especially her collaborator at the 2017 American Music Awards, Pink. Kelly Clarkson opened up and said she feels that all women should join.

"I'm a big fan of yours … I just want to talk about the women who really inspired me." She was so excited to play with her because she was a big fan of her since the 90s.

During her collaboration with Pink during Her opening performance at the AMA, Kelly Clarkson said it was more or less a positive situation of women coming together instead of facing each other.

"I'm so tired. I'm as tired as a mother when I look at him. Just accept the fact that there is room for everyone. "

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