Kelly Clarkson can’t remove ‘The Eye’ from ‘Voice’ contestant Ian Flannigan: ‘It was unfair!’

Voice Season 19 wrapped up in the Battle Round on Monday, and on this final night, only Blake Shelton had one steal left to play, while Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson still had their saves. Newly single Kelly was messing with Mana Ki Baat during this episode, saying that “how sexy” it was when a male contestant saved her, Ryan Gallagher rarely covered “the female power song” “Explained. But his real self-described “inappropriate” moment came during one of Team Blake’s battles, when he was taken onstage by this season’s favorite singer, alpha-male nomadic composer Ian Flannigan.

Kelly Clarkson is based on ‘The Voice’. (Photo: NBC)

“I was like, Sticking you. As it was inappropriate! I was doing that, “I’ll stop watching!” “Kelly said panting,” have you ever seen the rain? By Creedence Clearwater Revival. (It’s a good thing that her eye infection cleared up and she was no longer wearing that vision-blocking pirate patch.) “I’ll hear you singing ‘You’re My Sunshine’. You have such a one The narrator is vibe, and I’m attracted to it. “

Blake had apparently stared at Kelly’s bedroom-eyed, skinny mannequin, quipping, “I saw him doing this. I looked down at Isle and thought, ‘What Kelly doingThe ‘”

Kelly Clarkson on 'The Voice'.  (Photo: NBC)
Kelly Clarkson on ‘The Voice’. (Photo: NBC)

Certainly Kelly would have stolen Ian out of curiosity if he had a chance, but this is a loot point. Not only was Kelly out of Stiles, but Blake was simply drawn, in his own way, to Ian’s eccentrically Satamo-like baritone – which he called “the most unique voice I’ve ever had”. Have heard Voice. “So, Blake inadvertently kept Ian to himself. The selection of the song on this battle sounded tailor-made to Ian, so perhaps Blake’s plan was all along. (Maybe Blake gets Aaron off the rails with his The fiancée was searching for Gwen, as she once confessed that she had found the entirety of rock-style “triggering” of Aaron’s 90s)) Kelly said that the CCR classic is “nimble. Technical”. The seemingly colorful but generic-sounding Aaron, who previously auditioned with a more aggressive fuel hit; Also, Ian’s compelling delivery of “identity and character” and “Raas and Gravel” by John Legend telling Aaron “It wasn’t clear who you were,” he praised.

With that being said, it is perfectly clear that Kelly (unreasonably?) Is aware of who Ian Flanigan is so far, and when the knockout round will begin Tuesday, if he has a chance to steal , Then she will probably hit her red button with such force that it rips her wrist. Meanwhile, these were the other last Monday matches:

Team Gavan: Carter Rubin vs. Laria Jackson, “Like I’m Gonna Loose You”

Gwen said that she thought a lot about choosing age-appropriate songs for 14-year-old Carter and 15-year-old Laria. But when the Meghan Trainor / John Legend duo was decidedly G-rated, I questioned whether such a green, teenage singer could tap into the ballad of desperation and yearning, even if they both had great voices Technically Remove it. Lariah, whom guest advisor Julia Michaels called an “old soul”, was more convincing (“You’ve lived all your life at the age of 15,” Julia said referring to Lariah’s rough childhood) Carter is a theater / With the boy. -Band vibe staged and not really connected to the song. So was i astonished When Gwen picked up Carter – one of his many highly dubious split decisions this season – stating that he felt he had a “unique sound”. Thankfully Gwen saved Laria as well … but as Laria heads into the four-way knockout round, she faces some stiff competition from Team Kelly’s Ryan Gallagher, Team Legend’s Julia Cooper, and Team Blake’s Taryn Papa Will face it. So it can be sad sound Road to a young contestant who shows real potential.

Winner: Carter Rubin / SAVED: Lariah Jackson goes to four-wheel knockout

Team Legend: Casmé vs Rio Souma, “You’re All I Need to Get Get By”

Two of John’s Motown-inspired soul stylists performed like legends TAMI show, So brilliantly guest advisor Miguel was really tearful. “I think I’m a villager!” Killed Gwen. But even when it was a Battle Vocaly match, there was no denying what John called the “cheerful,” “soulful,” and “charming” Cassamay’s “superstar quality”. She just looked regal, like a legend (no punishment). Kelly was dressed as John and Gwen, stating, “I was like, ‘Diana Ross is here!” And she says to Cassame, “I think you’re the one that everyone should be honestly concerned about.” I’m sure that the soon-to-be-finished Rio was worried when he found out who his battle opponent would be, but he fought a noble fight.

Winner: Casme

Team Cal: Ryan Gallagher vs. Marissa Corvo, “I Surrender”

“I don’t think I’ve ever given this big song to anyone,” Kelly admitted, but was confident that both of her contestants would “fly off the roof.” sound Set with this melodramatic Celine Dion power ballad. I’m sure she expected that Ryan, a classically trained vocalist and former backup singer for explicitly predecessor Josh Groban, would nail it. And he did. But the real revelation here was of Marissa, who, despite thinking, would be at a loss – made the song feel like a brilliant stadium-rock, featuring Lita Ford Cora “Close My Eyes Forever” or Hearts Ann Wilson. There was a certain malfunction and rawness in Marissa’s performance, which Kelly lacked in Ryan like “Stoic” and “James Bond”. “Marissa took over the room here and destroyed the place,” said Blessa. “This moment was created just to make Marissa shine,” John said. “Marissa got ready for her moment,” Gwen said, “and it was hard to ignore.” However, Kelly noted that Ryan’s instincts were “cheating”, so she led him to a four-way knockout round, where she could easily kill Laria, Julia, and Taryn.

Winner: Marisa Corvo / SAVED: Ryan Gallagher stepped into four-way knockout

Team Kelly: Emmale vs. Kelsey Watts, “I Love Me”

Team Bomb: Ben Allen vs. Sam Stacey, “Free”

Team Gavan: Tory Miller vs. Van Andrew, “Exile”

Based on this blink-and-you-miss-it-triple-montage, Kelly and Blake made the right decisions here, but the third battle could be in addition to Gwen’s growing list of season 19 mistakes. I was mistaken for Van’s aggressive, edgy stage presence off-putting (and the gentle Taylor Swift song he was assigned). But Wayne assures Van that she can help him improve, so we’ll see.

Winners: Kelsey Watts, Ben Allen, Van Andrew

Team Gavan: Liam St. John vs. Ryan Berg, “I Need a Dollar”

I’m honestly surprised this The fight was not unsatisfying. There was no match here, no suspense. Ryan comfortably ejected Swagger, settling in a natural pocket immediately and not losing his cool when his mic pack broke loose from his actual pocket. Meanwhile, Liam was “SO INTENSE”, as Kelly puts it, even angrily scattering Axel Rose in the middle of this alt-back Aloe Block Grover. It was all too much, and still not enough to distract from Ryan’s performance. While Gwen worried during rehearsals that Ryan’s tone would be too linear and lacking in dynamics, she was “surprised” by her “tasteful” show-ability. So this time, Gwen made the right call.

Winner: Ryan Berg

Team Legend: Cami Clone vs. James Pyle, “Wicked Game”

Battle Rounds came out with a bang, and certainly not with a rhetorical or literal whisper, as did Cammie’s “stylist” and sultry vocals earning a comparison to James’s Stratospheric Valley (which was the late, great Jeff Buckley Are) added with. I feared that both of these power-belts could develop acute Liam St. John syndrome and watch this dramatically nebulous Chris Issac slow-burner, but he reproduced it beautifully like true professionals. This war was a master class; My only small irritation is that due to the new socially perverted phase, Kemi and James were not able to play each other more – but it wasn’t their fault, and they tried to reduce the heat in between. They did a commendable job. Blake said he’d never heard an “inventive” version of such a song Voice (It was actually inspired by the rock band Boy & Bear’s version) and called James the “big discovery” of the season. Kelly told Kemi, “Your voice passed through every part of your body.” John compared Kemi to the season 16 team legend winner, Mellen Jermon, a comment that made it clear that she would favor Kemi … but Blake still had his thievery, so we all knew it How to play And it was well played, Blake. very nice.

Winner: Cami Clune / STOLEN: James Pyle moved to Team Blake

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