Keke Palmer Joins Jordan Peele’s Upcoming Movie

Keke palmer

Keke palmer
Photo: Monica Schipper / Getty Images for the 29 rooms of Refinery29

Say what you want about We‘turn to the full Twilight Zone in the end, but Jordan Peele still maintains an undeniably good batting average for his managerial duties. Now, we still don’t know what the next one will be about, but it seems like we know at least one person who will be in it: According to Collidersources of, Keke Palmer will play “the female lead of the film” and may even be the villain.

Collider says Palmer has officially joined the cast, but there are other rumors about the cast, specifically related to Daniel Kaluuya (star of Peele Salt) and Jesse Plemons (star of everything else), are less confident. As for Palmer, he appeared relatively recently in Scammers and makes voices on Disney + Proud family revival and Netflix Big Mouth cleave Human Resources. As well, Collider notes that she made an appearance in Key and Peele in 2013 and tweeted in september that he had had a chance to talk to Peele and declare that he was “so cool”. Details would be fine, whether it’s about how cool it is or what the heck this movie is about, but whatever. It’s fine. (Although, for the record, never telling anyone what his films are about ahead of time has resulted in diminishing returns for Christopher Nolan. Peele must take that into account.)


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