Keith Urban and P! Listen to NK Drinks in private together at ‘same lot’

Keith Urban and P-NK in their new duet “One to Much.” But spend too much time drinking alone together. The zealous, pensive country pop ballad that dropped on Tuesday (September 15) sees the singers sitting at a barstall and ponders how their love has broken.

“I spend all my money drinking on my own, yes / this time, just staring at my phone here / And I keep second-guessing where I was wrong? / I know I’m proud / But I know? One too many / Take me home, “he sings in perfect harmony on the chorus of the song which he will make a live debut at the 55th annual Academy of Country Music Awards show on Wednesday night (sept 16).

Lyrics written by Clego Baighe, Daniel Davidson, James Norton, Michael Hansen and Peter Walwick and produced by Urban, PhD, Cutfather and Dan Macrole, as thugs on a midtampo beat! NK takes second, was here-first! poem.

“So now I’m the one who’s crying me because I didn’t want to fight because I didn’t want to fight / I swear I was trying, yes / But everyone falls when their head is a little high Happens, “She Sings After Just A Few Days” Can We Pretend “star posted a loving Instagram photo with husband Kerry Hart to celebrate their wedding anniversary, adding to the ups and downs of a wedding . “And I never mean to get out of my mind / But you’re playing cool, just pretending it’s okay / Oh we’re ‘Gol’, ‘Gol’, this round / too many times before” Have done.

Playing double duty as CMA host, P !, for the world television premiere of Urban Collaboration. Will work closely with NK, which will be featured on the country’s forthcoming album, Speed ​​now, part 1.

Listen to “a lot too” below.