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Keith Olbermann has been one of the most vocal critics of President Donald Trump, returning to the political commentary with the series of videos "The Resistance", presented by GQ .

Now, Olbermann is so sure that we are about to see curtains for the president who has announced that he is once again retreating from the world of experts.

"There are seven routes against Trump," Olbermann said in his final commentary, published last night. "Each inevitably ends in his dismissal or resignation."

Olbermann noted the news of a possible agreement between Robert Mueller and General Michael Flynn in the investigation of Trump's ties with Russia. It is seen as the surest sign that Trump's presidency will not go the distance.

"Flynn's report suggests that Mueller has completely gathered the backbone of his case and is now hanging flesh from it," Olbermann said. [19659002] The host continued, noting that Mueller may not even have to prove that the Trump campaign and the Russians joined together to sabotage the election, due to the amount of obvious obstruction of justice.

"Trump could be charged only for obstruction of justice and some minor charges." Nixon was about to arrive, "he recalled.

Trump could also resign for fear of a formal indictment, the Republicans could eliminate him, as Olbermann said, "save their own bades", with the recent series of electoral defeats likely weighing heavily on their minds.

"Not only were Democratic victories overwhelming, but half were small moral moves," he said, citing Allison Ikley-Freeman, a bad who won a seat in the state Senate in Oklahoma, and Danica Roem , the transbadual candidate who defeated her anti-LGBTQ opponent in Virginia.

Olbermann predicted that Republicans could eliminate Trump before the mid-term exams next year in order to remain patriotic enough to dismiss him.

Republicans could also eliminate Trump if most of them agree that he is not fit to serve as president.

If the Republicans do not accuse Trump before the mid-term exams, the Democrats could do it, if they have a good performance in the midterm elections. Recent elections make it look more likely than it had been before.

Finally, Olbermann pointed out that Trump may eventually be defeated by the numerous accusations of badual misconduct against him. While it has been able to avoid the rewards so far, the changing climate around the issue and the fact that Trump now denies the authenticity of the tape Hollywood Access suggest that the winds might have changed.

Olbermann said he felt that "even this unambitious world of American television reporting … can take this the rest of the way, so I withdraw from political commentary in all media."

"Thanks for all the kind words and all the support," Olbermann said. "Have fun attacking the castle, my work here is done, in fact, so is Trump"

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