Keillor Lawyer: MPR must “make things clear”


ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – The president of Minnesota Public Radio told employees that the decision to dismiss Garrison Keillor was the result of "multiple pleadings" covering a prolonged period, but he was a lawyer for the former "The Prairie." Home Companion "The host disputed that characterization and said that the comedian wants MPR to" clear things up ".

MPR President Jon McTaggart held an unofficial meeting with employees Wednesday, a week after the organization cut off relations with Keillor. Reporters from Minnesota Public Radio News did not attend because the meeting was declared out of register, but they compiled an account of the employees who attended.

MPR News reports that McTaggart said he only made the decision to break with Keillor, who retired as host of "Prairie Home" last year. Keillor told the Star Tribune that he touched a woman's bare back while trying to comfort her, and that he apologized. MPR has not given details of the accusations.

In response to the MPR News report, Keillor lawyer Eric Nilsson issued a statement early Thursday.

"We are aware of the accusations against Mr. Keillor by one person," Nilsson said. "We are confident that Mr. McTaggart will clarify things in this regard to avoid any misperception on that point."

Nilsson says that Keillor wants a quick resolution of the matter and "with that he expects a complete restoration of his reputation".

"The Prairie Home Companion" continues with the successor chosen by Keillor, the mandolinist Chris Thile.

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