Kawhi Leonard’s injury: a chronology of how the injury of the Spurs’ star got serious

Kawhi Leonard's story of quadriceps injuries continues, and now he has been declared indefinitely while trying to rehabilitate himself 100 percent.

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is an NBA player, but even he has never seen an injury like Leonard's tense quadruple tendon. The star striker has missed the 18 games San Antonio has played so far this season, and there is still no timetable for his return.

"Never, never," said Popovich, asked if this injury was similar to anything he had seen before. .

Popovich continued: "What is really strange is that [point guard] Tony [Parker] has the same injury, but even worse, they had to operate his quadruple tendon and reattach him or whatever they did to him. two men is amazing, I've never seen him before. "

Parker has also missed the entire season so far, although he has previously said he expects to play in November. Parker practiced with the Spurs & # 39; G-League affiliate earlier this month.

Despite the long absence of Parker and his best player, San Antonio is 11-7 this season. They need Leonard to be something close to the team they were last year. Popovich's training will keep this team afloat, but the Spurs have yet to expect Leonard's return to be sooner than later. Surely it is not a good sign that Leonard's injury is so strange and spoken of in these vague uncertainties.

Here is a chronology of what Popovich and the Spurs have said about Leonard's injury. [19659008] September 30

Leonard's injury was first revealed at the Spurs games in late September.

"We are still rehabilitating the thigh," said Popovich, "Probably the beginning of the preseason or a good time will be lost." pre-season distribution, and we're not going to set a schedule (in a return). But he's working on that, and we'll get it back as soon as we can. "

October 13

Two weeks later, the Spurs confirmed that Leonard would miss the first game of the season and that there was not yet a timeline to his return

"I do not measure it," said Popovich. "He is still rehabilitating and when he is ready, he will be ready." I try not to qualify him.

October 20

Leonard was filmed when climbing the stairs of an airplane, and he was fighting. The context was that Leonard had just returned from a rehabilitation training, but still. That is hard to see.

October 21

Popovich offered an incredibly short update the next day.

"It is progressing," Popovich told reporters. "I'm going to leave it like that."

November 7

Popovich seemed to suggest that Leonard's slow progress was also confusing to him.

Pay attention to Kawhi's slow progress: "He's coming slower, for some reason, it's just been harder for him to get through the rehabilitation routine, his body has not reacted in the same way."

– Tom Orsborn (@tom_orsborn) November 7, 2017

But Popovich also said that Leonard was "going in the right direction".

November 15

The Spurs finally gave appeared as good news about Leonard's injury last week, saying he would return "sooner" than later. "Of course, Popovich immediately recoiled slightly on that date.

From San Antonio Express-News :

When asked if there was" light at the end of the tunnel "for the key player of the Spurs, Popovich said: "Oh, sure. He will return sooner rather than later. "

The coach stopped before adding," Whatever is nebulous (things that were). As soon as I said it, I thought, 'What the hell does that mean? & # 39; "

November 22

Now Leonard is still" sooner than later ", but basically we do not have a real update, we can all expect to see him again on the court as soon as possible.

December 12

] Leonard comes back, and he looks good … For nine games, The Claw has an average of 25 points, 7.2 rebounds, 3.6 badists, 3.2 steals and a little less than two steals per game Leonard does not play in the second back-to -backs of the Spurs.He only plays games spaced for two or more days.

January 17

The Spurs list Leonard as indefinitely while he continues to rehabilitate his right quadriceps tendonitis.More on his new state here.

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