Kavi Leonard looks like the Clippers choke cast. And the Nuggets look like Freddy Krueger, a nightmare.

See, we gave it courage. We cut off his head. We read the book twice. So why is this zombie still moving? The look on Kavya Leonard’s face on Sunday was a bit like “horror movies”, when big bullying happens and just won’t last, then you know, Dead.

Is not it fun? The Nuggets are suddenly Freddy Krueger, the nightmare that never ends. And after Game 6 a reporter asked Leonard, one of the best players of his generation, if he had an Los Angeles Clips artist.

Forcing Game 7 in the Western Conference semifinals, the Nuggets responded “just cooled down,” after being stunned by watching the Clips for their second consecutive straight playoff victory in the second straight half. “We got cold in that third quarter. Bus. We kept passing the paint, passing the ball. Stabilized a bit and just couldn’t hit the shot. ”

Even if it’s not a choke, the Clippers are swallowing the Nuggets hard right now. And hard, still, keep away. Denver trailed Los Angeles 18-6 in the final seven minutes of the third quarter. The Nuggets then won the fourth, 34–19, winning 111–98 which pushed all the chips into the center of the table all night.

“(There) pressure every game,” said Leonard, who finished with 25 points and eight boards, but did not score a field goal in the third quarter. “Obviously, no one wants to go home.”

Yes, but now the Nuggets know this part of the neighborhood by memory. According to ESPN statistics and information, Denver is the first NBA team to play in four straight Game 7s. And to return by at least 15 points in three different elimination playoff contests since 1997.

Meanwhile, for the first time on Tuesday, Khevi will have to play in Game 7 after going 3–1 ahead of the series 3–1. And teammate Paul George has never Game of the Game 7 was seen in a postseason series in which his squad lifted a 3–1 cushion slip.

“We are still in the driver’s seat. This is not a nervous way, ”said George, who set a team-high 33 points net. “We have a game 7. I like our choice with our group. We put ourselves in this position. And it is up to us to get ourselves out of it. ”

Denver is 5–0 in 6–1 elimination games over the last 18 months inside the NBA bubble. The Nuggets look as if they love the way the wall feels against their backs. The Clippers look as if dodging their courage with a Rusty crowbar.


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