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Katy Perry Likens Privacy of personal life to ‘Walk the tightrope & # 39;

With more than 170 million followers of social networks and KatyCats around the world, Katy Perry admits that it can be difficult to keep her private life private.

"Well, it's like walking the tightrope," the singer, 33, told reporters his Q & A panel for American Idol during the TCAs in Los Angeles on Monday.

"You do not have to answer any questions, you're not under oath, you do not have to leave breadcrumbs on social media if you do not want to," Perry continued. "But some people do that and they need it and it's a tool, listen, all things of fame are just a byproduct of what I do, it's not what I was looking for, I just wanted to tell stories and sing and connect with people" .

Her comment about her personal life comes days after she and former Orlando Bloom encouraged rumors of reconciliation after Maldivian fans had fun together. [19659005] RELATED: Katy Perry is exalted about being an American Idol judge: & # 39; I am a direct shooter & # 39;

However, the couple is not officially reunited and they are still friends, a source close to Bloom. , 40, they told PEOPLE recently.

"Orlando and Katy traveled separately during the holidays and found themselves in the Maldives afterwards," the source said. "They have fun and love seeing each other, but it's nothing serious, they're not officially back together."

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While Perry admitted that he does not abstain from social networks, it is not his top priority.

"I love movies, I love traveling, I love culture, I love modern art museums, but I'm just like anybody, I move," he said Monday.

Meanwhile, the Grammy-nominated star is still focused on her career and making music that will inspire her fans.

"I think you have to keep it spicy for sure, especially with young people, your attention extends and people in general," shared Perry. "Our options and our options: we have so many options that we do not even know what to choose these days, I think you really have to separate yourself and that at some point you play the bells and whistles, or maybe you're such an authentic person that you can hear it in your voice I do not want to hear the voices of people I want to feel the voices of the people "

The singer is advising those who hope to be the next American Idol, that choosing one of their songs will not earn them extra points.

"It would not be hard but I would not say it would be the smart thing to do unless you reinvent it, because I would typically sing it the night before and sing it ten thousand times," he said.

"But I want to hear it, but if I reinvent it, it inspires me again to give me that dopamine hit of 'oh yes, I'm sorry, I want to see what it does with something else'."

Perry admits to having heard what some of the singers have gone through to have the opportunity to sing for her, it is a "beautiful pain", but she is trying to keep her emotions at bay when it comes to being a judge.

"You really invest in their stories, obviously, after you realize they have that kind of rough diamonds," said the singer of "Swish Swish"

"It's hard when they're trying to sell everything In the story of sobs, everyone is going through something, everybody comes from somewhere, I'm not ruling out that, and I do not want to take your situation lightly, but this is a business and we're here to find someone to raise it, to do an idol ".

American Idol Releases on ABC Sunday, March 11.

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