Katy Perry Hopes Keeps Her Daughter Taylor Swift’s Adorable Baby Gift Forever

Taylor Swift is known for her thoughtful, surprise gifts and her latest secret package is one of the best ones yet. Katy Perry posted an image of a baby gift she received from Swift, in honor of the birth of fianc√© Orlando Bloom, the first child of the “Diasis” singer, and the whole thing is a classic Taylor.

“Miss Daisy Pigeon beholds her hand embroidered blanket from Miss @taylorswift,” Perry wrote a post with a handwritten note from Swift and an image of the blanket, with “Baby Bloom” and a rose embroidery in the lower right corner is. , 2020 in the opposite corner and across some yellow stars.

“Hope it is a year, until she becomes an unrecognized credo, until she puts it in her pocket as a teenager,” Perry said. The note was sent back in May, three months before Perry’s daughter Daisy Dove Bloom was born. Perry discussed ending her quarrel with Swift earlier this year, stating that she was happy that he publicly rejected it and gave the redemption girls a good example about the value of redemption.

“It’s hard for young girls who have grown up, [with] He said, “High school and petitions and everything stuff, so now we’re super friendly and I always want the best for him and the best thing we can do for each other.” ”

See the sweet post below.

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