Katiline Bristowe shed tears for a friend after the tribute dance on the show

the former The bachelor Star Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Journey dancing with the Stars The semi-finals have not been easy. This weekend, he had a challenging rehearsal with pro mate Artem Chigvintsev as he practiced a dance that would serve as a tribute to a departed childhood friend. Bristowe, 35, also suffered bumps and bruises while preparing for Monday’s episode.

On Saturday, Bristowe told fans he had a “very emotional dance” ready for Monday, reports Us weekly. The dance is a tribute to a friend who died at the age of 18. Bristowe said she “cries often” when she thinks of her friend and that the song she chooses was played at her friend’s funeral. This will be the first time Bristowe has shared the story of his late friend on television as he never wanted to “use” it in his life as a celebrity. “I’m not saying people do that, [but] “It was something I held close to my heart,” Bristowe said.

Bristowe said her friend’s death brought her “very close” to another friend, Bri Cook. “Initially, it didn’t make me want to get close to anyone, but now it just makes me love my friends so much,” Bristowe recalled. She praised Chigwantsev for doing a “beautiful job” in telling his friend’s story.

The rehearsal continued for less than 24 hours before it hit the dance floor again on Sunday. Bristowe shared a video of herself lip-syncing to the “coincidence” of Handsome Dancer as she shared a crust on her knee, blisters on her heel, and a banded toe. “Wow, you can really injure yourself during a dance. What a coincidence-dance,” she wrote in the caption.

Bristowe, who injured his ankle in the first season, and Chigwintsev scored a stunning 30 on Britney Spears’ “Toxic” on their Argentine tango. The score came after a week on the tough score of the couple, Judge Carrie Ann Inba. When the couple got 25/30 during the episode on November 2, and Chigwintsev said fans were not happy Entertainment Tonight He thought the judges’ remarks were “a bit personal.” However, after Inba praised the duo on 9 November, they briefly forgot about the coronovirus safety guidelines and ran to embrace it.

Recently during one of his episodes Away from the vine Podcast, Bristowe Defends Inaba and Tells DWTS Fans not to bully him. “I heard that she feels fed up and it makes me feel awful because I’ve been bullied so hard online,” she said. “Don’t bully him because he’s being harsh on me. It’s his decision and he’s a judge. So he’s paid a hefty amount to be a judge on that show?”


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