Katie Hill talks about friendship with Matt Gaetz, accusations

Former “throuple” rep Katie Hill is asking her former friend and colleague Rep. Matt Gaetz to be “held accountable” if “there is a fraction of truth” to reports of sexual misconduct, even though he defended to the former politician while she was embroiled in a scandal involving sleeping with her subordinate.

Hill recalled in an opinion piece Monday in Vanity Fair the unlikely bond that formed between her and Gaetz, who is in the struggle of his political life following allegations that he showed lawmakers photos and videos of naked women with the who claimed to have slept and an alleged extortion plot.

The 33-year-old first-term California Democrat said she met the 38-year-old second-term Florida Republican when he replaced him as the youngest member of the House Armed Services Committee.

The panel, as Hill noted, is known to be one of the last truly bipartisan committees left in Congress.

In addition to the time they spent together on the committee, the two grew closer on the Fox News green spaces, as they both appeared regularly on the network.

Rep. Hill says that if the allegations against her colleague are true, "you need to be held accountable."
Rep. Hill says that if the allegations against her colleague are true, “he should be held responsible.”
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Months later, when Hill faced intense scrutiny for having a three-way relationship with her then-husband and an employee, and nude photos of her began to leak, Gaetz came to her defense.

“The silence from my own Democratic colleagues was deafening. I was devastated, although I understood. People were nervous. And nobody wants to defend an abuser ”, explained the ex-legislator.

Then all of a sudden the golden boy from Fox spoke for me. Matt was the first member of Congress to publicly and unapologetically defended me, saying that while I might have made mistakes, I was a victim in this circumstance. “

The unlikely friends stayed in touch long after Hill resigned in October 2019, he wrote, occasionally texting until after the 2020 presidential election, when Gaetz supported contesting the results and questioning the outcome.

“When Matt doubled down after the January 6 insurrection, I wondered how he could have considered us friends. But in tough times, sometimes the most unlikely people support you, ”he wrote.

Hill then moved on to the allegations Gaetz currently faces.

“Yes, despite their denials, Matt Gaetz had sexual relations with a minor, if he provided the girls and young women with drugs and money and gifts in exchange for sex, if he asked these girls and young women to recruit others women for the same purpose, and if he showed his colleagues images of naked women without their consent, he should be held responsible, ”he said, although without specifying what that would imply.

“Some of these actions are criminal and others should be,” he continued. “They are all morally reprehensible and unacceptable for a legislator.”

“If there is a fraction of truth in these reports, he should resign immediately.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz faces allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor.
Rep. Matt Gaetz faces allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor.
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The Post could not immediately reach a Gaetz spokesperson for comment on Hill’s op-ed.

Gaetz has denied allegations of sexual misconduct. In a defiant opinion piece in the Washington Examiner on Monday, the embattled lawmaker said he would “not resign at all” and blamed “political opponents” for the scandal.


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