Kate Middleton’s uncle says he ‘doesn’t think she made Meghan Markle cry’

Kate Middleton’s uncle has reportedly said he doesn’t “believe for a moment” that she made Meghan Markle cry.

Gary Goldsmith said he has known the Duchess of Cambridge his whole life and that the accusations made by his sister-in-law during his explosive talk with Oprah Winfrey “are simply not in his nature,” it has been reported.

The former Hollywood actress claimed that she had brought herself to tears during a fight in the run-up to her wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018.

In the months that followed, there were reports that Meghan had teased Kate in an argument during a bridesmaid dress fitting.

But she told Oprah that it was actually the other way around, before accusing some members of the Royal Family of lying to protect Kate but not her.

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Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith has reportedly spoken

Goldsmith, 55, the brother of Kate’s mother Carole, told The Mail on Sunday: “I don’t believe for a moment that Kate made Meghan cry.”

Speaking for the first time since the allegations aired on CBS on March 7, she said: “If anyone had a hissing fit, it must have been Meghan. Kate would have been trying to make amends.”

“I would fight for Kate’s honor until the day I die. She is the most spectacular person I have ever met.”

Meghan and Prince Harry during their interview with Oprah Winfrey
Meghan and Prince Harry during their interview with Oprah Winfrey

When Oprah asked about the reports of Kate’s tears, the Duchess of Sussex said: “The opposite happened. I’m not saying that to disparage anyone.”

He added that Kate later apologized to her and that there is no grudge between them.

Meghan said she had struggled with the backlash following initial reports of the confrontation.

“What was difficult to overcome was being blamed for something that not only did I not do, but that happened to me.”

Writing in Harper’s Bazaar earlier this month, royal correspondent Omid Scobie claimed that Meghan sent an email to Kensington Palace asking them to address the incident with Kate.

She said that she had asked a royal aide to help her “clear things up” at the time and was told they would not drag Kate into “idle gossip.”


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