Kate Middleton scolds Prince William for forgetting her children’s name 1

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge are the parents of three adorable children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. And whenever the Duke and Duchess leave tidbits about their little people we are all ears.

During a recent engagement, Kate begins to scold William when he fails to mention that his daughter is as fond of his brother as anything else.

Prince William and Kate Middleton | Henry Nichols – WPA Pool / Getty Images

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Kate tells Prince William when he forgot to mention Charlotte

The Express reported that on 15 September, the Duke and Duchess visited London Bridge Jobcottbock, where they spoke to Lloyd Graham, community engagement manager for Keltbay Construction Company. He explained that the company is not only involved in the demolition of buildings in the area, but also includes some redevelopment projects.

Prince William said, “The kids, especially Luis, would love to see and be seen.”

Kate then tells her husband to tell her that Charlotte will really enjoy it too.

“Don’t forget Charlotte!” The Duchess of Cambridge said, “She would like it too.”

Prince George and Princess Charlotte went to school recently

Prince William and Kate Middleon with their children, Prince Lewis, Prince George and Princess Charlotte
Prince William and Kate Middleon with their children, Prince Lewis, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Victoria Jones / PA Images via Getty Image

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In other Cambridge-Kido news, George and Charlotte recently returned to school for the first time since the lockdown was lifted in Britain. The children join Thomas Battersea in south-west London, where George is at 3 and his sister at year 1. George and Charlett had their first day on 7 September.

A spokesperson for the Department of Education told The Express that “regular and full-time school attendance is necessary since September to help students catch up on time spent outside the classroom.” In making all our decisions, we have balanced the need to continue to control the transmission of COVID-19 with the real and ongoing costs of out of school for children’s education, welfare and health. ”

Katie Nicol of the Vanity Fair said the school has several new safety measures but a rule that the Duke and Duchess should not follow their children.

“According to one parent, the school has instituted a number of COVID prevention measures and parents will now have to leave the children at the school gates,” Nikolay said. “Cambridge, however, are still able to bring their children to the school grounds.”

Prince Louis is not a fan of social discrimination

Prince louis
Prince louis | Max Mumbi / Indigo / Getty Images

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Prince Louis is still too young to attend his siblings in school and this can be a good thing because according to his mother, he is not fond of social foresight.

“Luis doesn’t understand social disturbances,” Kate told BBC Breakfast in July. “He wants to eat anything, especially any child younger than him.”