Kate Middleton and Prince William were ‘Over the Moon’ finally reuniting with Queen Elizabeth

Kate Middleton and Prince William are finally able to reconnect with Queen Elizabeth, which ended during a summer vacation at Balmoral, the Emperor’s Scottish estate. William and Kate bring their three children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. It was the first time the Queen and Prince Philip had been able to see their grandson, his wife, and his great-grandson since opening the lock in March.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Kate Middleton | GEOFF PUGH / AFP via Getty Image

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are living in the ‘HMS bubble’ during the epidemic

Since the onset of the epidemic, its program of glory has been quite different. Of course, there is no person-to-person engagement for months. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have lived in Balmoral for the majority of Lockdam.

However, the Express reports that they are leaving next week and will relocate to the Wood Farm on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. The palace announced that His Majesty intended to return to Windsor Castle in October. She will resume the use of Buckingham Palace for “selected audiences and engagements”.

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Because Queen Elizabeth 94 and Prince Philip are 99, they are both vulnerable to the novel coronovirus. They are separating with a limited number of employees, with one insider calling it the “HMS bubble”.

He recently added trips with the family to his routine, following government guidelines about social distances.

Kate Middleton and Prince William were ‘Over the Moon’ to reunite with Her Majesty

When Prince William, Kate, and the three children were finally able to rejoin Balmoral with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, they took some precautions. Elizabeth and Philip remained in their “HMS bubble” while spending time with their great grandparents on a 50,000-acre property.

According to The Express, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were “over the moon” about a reunion with Queen Elizabeth. The family has had a “difficult year” for many reasons, and it has become worse to watch the country suffer during the epidemic. William and Kate wanted to take the opportunity to accompany Queen Elizabeth and show their support.

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An insider reported, “Like every family, they too were desperate to get back together this weekend and it was possible on the moon.” “They have all been there for a few days and although there are very strict procedures with social disturbances, they are able to find ways to see each other outside.”

Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton’s relationship has come a long way

William and Kate were thrilled to see the queen during their recent trip. But, His Majesty had doubts about Kate when she and William announced their engagement in 2010.

In his book The making of a royal romance, Biographer Katie Nichol wrote that Queen Elizabeth had “serious concerns” about Kate’s welcome into the royal family. Nicole claims that the Emperor believed that Kate needed a job and identification of herself before announcing William’s engagement.

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Kate met the queen several times during the eight years she dated William. Nicole, however, states that Her Majesty knew that “the little girl who had enchanted her granddaughter” was at the time of their engagement.

An insider told Nicole that Her Majesty is of the opinion that if Kate is going to be William’s wife, she needs a proper job.

Things have changed a lot since William and Kate’s wedding in April 2011.