Katana Zero DLC is almost half the size of the original game, will remain free

Katana Zero is still getting its free DLC, but the project has grown dramatically in scope according to its developer.

In a new blog post, Katana Zero creator Askiisoft explained that the size of the DLC for the 2D action game has been multiplied by six, with it being half the size of the original game. This has delayed the release of the DLC a bit, the blog continues to confirm that the content is blocked and will not be expanded further

“The game is progressing at a healthy pace and the entire development team is working full steam on production,” the post reads. “The DLC will not expand further either, the plan is in place and now we are focused on finishing it.”

Despite the increase in scope, the DLC will remain free to all Katana Zero players as initially promised. There’s also a sneak peek at what will be included, with some first looks at the new weapons that will allow the assassin to blast his way through enemies with a plasma blaster or shoot them back with a gravity robotic arm. They both look like nifty additions to the fast-paced hack and slash action of the original adventure.

Katana Zero is available for PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch and is as fast as it is smart. Like Hotline Miami, Katana Zero places you in incredibly dangerous scenarios where a bug will kill you, challenging you to intelligently dispatch enemies with dexterous attacks. Our Katana Zero 8/10 review says, “Katana Zero is bloody and brutal, but it’s also a heartfelt story that you shouldn’t lightly overlook.”

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