Katana Zero Developer Says Free DLC Now So Big It’s “More Like Katana 1.5”

Katana zero was one of the indie hits of 2019 and since then, the game’s developer, Askiisoft, has been working on the free DLC.

Last February, it was revealed how the content would be three times the size of what was originally planned, and now, in a new update on the company’s website, it was revealed to be “6 times” the size originally planned. Here’s what to expect from all of this content:

“That’s a little over half the size of the main game. This means more levels, mechanics, enemies, bosses, and story elements intertwined. It’s less like a DLC and more like Katana 1.5.”

Despite the scale, it will still be “in the house” (in other words, free). Although development has slowed down over the last year, it is now returning to normal.

As for when it will arrive, the creator … Justin stander – you haven’t really thought about this yet, but one thing that has been confirmed is that I will not do it expand further:

“The short answer is: I don’t know yet. There’s a ton of finished content, but this is a great project and I aspire to the same level of quality and attention from the base game. I’m still doing all the programming and design, after all. , This is my project that I am passionate about. But don’t worry! The game is progressing at a healthy pace and the entire development team is working hard on production. Or, the plan is in place and now we are focused on finishing it. ” .

When Katana Zero first arrived on Switch in April 2019, we praised its gritty and creepy action sequences, gripping storytelling, and impeccable sense of style. Find out more about it in our review.

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