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Karnataka 2018 election: Lingayats not shaken by the denial of the ticket to my son | News from Bangalore

Although most opinion polls have predicted an assembly hung in Karnataka with BJP emerging as the second largest party, its main ministerial candidate
B S Yeddyurappa says he is determined to snatch Karnataka from Congress. In an interview with Manu Aiyappa, Yeddyurappa says that his party hopes to win the polls of the assembly and return to be the prime minister. Extracts:

Recent opinion polls suggest that Congress will emerge as the largest party and the BJP a close second. Do you think you can still achieve your mission of more than 150?

More than my mission, the surveys would be more appropriate if they were made after the announcement of the candidates. It would be a good idea to conduct surveys now. Before the UP polls last year, most of the polls went wrong and BJP came to light. This was also true in Tripura and Gujarat, and in other later states. The same will happen in Karnataka as well.

There are reports that PM Modi took a break from the campaign in Karnataka for a month, as he did not trust to win the state.

That is not true. Modiji was busy with various engagements in India and abroad. Most of these programs were scheduled a few months in advance. As a PM, you can not change these schedules. Despite his busy schedule, he is campaigning in Karnataka starting this month and will prove that all opinion polls are terribly wrong. Never in the history of Karnataka has the state unit received so much support from the central leadership. In addition to Chanakya (national head of the BJP, Amit Shah), all the ministers of the Union are supporting us.

Both the Congress and the
JD (S) have made political inferences that have weakened in the party and that they no longer have the last word, since they could not guarantee the fines for their son BY Vijayendra and his Associate Shobha Karandlaje .

That is not true. The party decided not to give tickets to any deputy other than myself and B Sreeramulu. And they have complied with the decision. Shobha had no aspiration to compete at the polls, although many of his followers wanted him to participate in the Yeshwantpur contest. Vijayendra decided to answer from Varuna under the pressure of the Mysuru party workers. However, our central leadership felt that it was not appropriate to train a father and son when I was projected as a candidate for chief minister. I found your genuine concern and agreement.

Do you approve the opinion that the prospects of your party have been affected by the denial of the ticket to Vijayendra, which has angered Lingayats?

I do not believe that Veerashaiva-Lingayats has taken the denial of the ticket to Vijayendra more seriously than the evil designs of the Siddaramaiahled Congress to divide their community and deprive a Lingayat of the ministerial leadership. Have you seen any congressman talking about the issue of the religious minority lately? This suggests that your decision has been boomerang and will pay the price.

The mining baron G Janardhana Reddy of Ballari, who rebelled against his government in 2009, is campaigning for Sreeramulu after getting 7 BJP tickets for his followers.

We trust Sreeramulu and not Reddy to win Ballari and neighboring districts. Without a doubt, Reddy is well known in Ballari and is supporting some of our candidates … We have not given any ticket to any candidate in his instance, but based only on the winnability survey. Not only Reddy, many worried me when I was CM, but I have forgotten them and I have forgiven them all.

Sreeramulu will face CM Siddaramaiah in Badami. Do you think you can achieve it?

There is no doubt that Sreeramulu will win in Badami against Siddaramaiah, since the CM is based solely on the votes of Kuruba, while our candidate is popular among all the communities.

Sreeramulu is projected as CM attached to BJP?

That is not true. No such decision has been made.

Is it true that many BJP leaders do not want the party to come to power by itself, so they will lose the right to the publication of the CM?

Everyone, including Union Minister HN Ananth Kumar, KS Eshwarappa and Shobha Karandlaje is working hard to bring the party to power and make me CM. There is no crack


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