Karen Baes, Susan Rice Ride in Biden Search for Virene Neires and

Ms. Bais also canceled an already ongoing campaign to woo influential liberal leaders, telephone union presidents To get their consultation and support.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is close with Ms. Bais, whom she nominated to oversee the recent policing reform bill, and has expressed her admiration in private conversations, including former President Barack Obama. Ms. Pelosi’s assistants said she did not endorse for one of the candidates, many of them are fond of them and, while speaking with Mr. Biden’s vet team last month, urged them to find someone who would get tickets. Be victorious for

Two prominent Democrats, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Kamala Harris of California, along with a handful of other women, remain prospects; Both lawmakers have statewide political experience and a large national following that Ms. Bass and Ms. Rice lack. Ms. Warren has become an informal advisor to Mr. Biden on economic issues and has received support from her party’s progressive wing, and Ms. Harris is considered a muscular fund-raiser with support from key people in the Democratic Party’s donor is. class.

While Mr. Biden’s advisors are careful to note that he has not rejected any major candidates, some are clearly less likely to be elected than others. According to officials, for some candidates who have been shot for a long time, negotiations have already turned into other possible roles in the Biden administration: Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, has expressed interest in the job of Secretary of Health and Human Services. Familiar with his thinking

Closely watched by Mr. Biden, among others, is Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan; Florida Representative Val Demings, who has appointed a large-scale congressional delegation from his home state to appeal on his behalf; And Illinois senator Tammy Duckworth, who is backed by veteran advocates.

G.B. of Illinois Pritzker called Mr. Biden’s team is asked to solicit Ms. Duckworth, a military veteran, on the ticket. Rhode Island generator Jack Reid, the top Democrat on the Senate Armed Forces Committee, has shared his high. Opinion of opinion. Duckworth with the Biden camp, and also urged him to choose Gina Rayamondo, the governor of his home-state, who was familiar with the conversation. However, Mr Biden’s vet committee has raised questions about whether tapping Ms. Duckworth could face legal challenges because she was born overseas.

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