Kardashian working with the first episode Versus Now

How did it happen 14 years ago?

Earlier this week, it was announced that keeping up with the Kardashians Will finally come to an end – and 14 long years suddenly flashed before my eyes.

So, because 2007 was clearly not two years ago, here’s what the main stars were in their first episode versus now:

Kim Kardashian

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Again: In her words, Kim says, “I have a clothing store and I’m a wardrobe stylist.” This episode showcased her after she was nervous The Tyra Banks Show To talk about her sex tape.

now: Kim has her own cosmetics and shapwear line. She has four children with her husband Kanye West.

ahead: Kim is studying to become a lawyer, so maybe he will spend a lot of time in court (court?) Soon.

Khloe Kardashian

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Again: Khloé was running a clothes shop, Dash, along with her sisters. Let’s be real, the pilot could have given Khalo a little more attention.

now: She has her own denim brand, Good American, and a daughter with Tristan Thompson – let’s not get in the whole kettle of fish here.

ahead: Khloé has said that he will be open to more children with Tristan, so this is a … possibility.

Courtney Kardashian

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Again: Courtney’s central dilemma in Episode 1 was that her then-boyfriend Scott Discick was too young for her at the age of 24 (to be fair, she faced an incredibly fresh face.

now: Courtney has three children with her own lifestyle brand, Posh and Scott.

ahead: He will likely keep Posh-Ing ahead. Oh, and we can see that his son Mason will soon become an influential figure in himself. God.

Kriss Jenner

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first episode: Chris described himself as “Kim’s manager” and was celebrating his 16th wedding anniversary with Katilin.

now: Chris’s attention has mostly shifted to Kylie, but she is still quite a momegar. She has been dating Corey Gamble since 2014.

ahead: Crish + Real housewives??? Please, let it happen.

Kylie Jenner

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Kendall Jenner

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Again: A literal 11-year-old.

now: An international model.

ahead: Kendall is spending a lot of time painting these days, so maybe she will treat us all to her first gallery show soon.

Only time will tell what the life of Kardashian / Genres will look like after the end of KUWTK, Or what the final season will look like – but I’m sure watching.

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