Kanye West tweeted Universal contract, seeking release from deal

During day two of his latest epic twitter, Kanye West followed through on his complaints about the music industry and was relieved of his recording and music-publishing deals by tweeting dozens of pages from his recording contract with Universal Recording demanded.

After referring to the music industry as “modern day slavery”, West tweeted, “Here are my ten Universal Contracts … I need every lawyer in the world to pay attention to them,” and the contracts After posting illegal photos, then began tweeting out the page, two at a time. “This is what the Kanye West deal looks like to me today,” he wrote. “I do not know that it is this kind of thing.”

However, it is unclear what their purpose is in posting the contracts, which are written in a legally-negotiated legal manner for all such agreements, and show that their deal has been remade several times, including West has represented some of the top lawyers. music industry.

Read tweets and documents here.

His recent tweets also included mention of his publishing deal with Sony / ATV, although he and the company – which he sued in early 2019, followed by retaliation from Sony / ATV – released late last year. Settled the legal battle. West Wednesday seemed predominantly universal in its locations.

On Tuesday, West had an exchange with an anonymous consultant, where he discussed options for exiting his label and publishing deals. Such contracts generally do not allow artists to withdraw from the deal at any time.

Regardless, he called several top executives on Twitter on Tuesday and Wednesday, including Vivendi chief Vincent Bollor and Arnaud de Pufonten, Universal president Lucian Grinz, Sony Music CEO Rob Stringer and veteran artist manager Irving Azoff, Who are close friends. Family of his wife, Kim Kardashian.

Documents also confirm that West himself is a label owner – his Good Music label has been distributed through Universal since 2004 – possibly subjecting his artists to the same standard contracts that are common across the industry.

West and his family have publicly stated that he is suffering from a bipolar disorder, and his recent behavior reflects several symptoms of a manic episode. He also tweeted a video of someone urinating at the Grammy Awards held in the toilet.

“This industry is being known for the development of a good industry,” he wrote. “I feel very happy and understand that I have got a chance to get in a strong position in this way … everyone likes … working to the contrary … it’s for me Is working that way. ”

Rips did not immediately respond to West and Universal. VarietyRequest for comment.