Kanye West running for president in 2020, announces July 4 – Deadline

Kim Kardashian West has spent a fair amount of time in the White House in recent years, but now it seems like she’s seriously considering moving to the latest reality show as First Lady, at least if her husband gets away with it.

Kanye West launched his own fireworks display on July 4 by announcing that he is running for president this year.

Within minutes, incumbent Donald Trump apparently lost not just one, but two of his most high-profile supporters like SpaceX founder Elon Musk, also turned to social media to endorse rapper ‘Power’:

Regardless of whether Ye will really face the first Celebrity Apprentice host (who West once said was a “superman” at an often-odd 2018 Oval Office meeting) and former Vice President Joe Biden in November, today’s statement isn’t the first time that multiple Grammy winner He says he has his eyes on the White House. In 2015, West told the MTV VMA Awards that he would launch a presidential race by 2020, in January 2019 the “Trump all day” fan mocked a 2024 offer and last November the Jesus is king Star stated at a Fast Company corporate conference that he would go to the polls in 2024.

On the other hand, with the possibility that the race of the West could divert the votes of Biden in benefit of Trump, to quote the Kanye track of 2010 Power: “No man should have all that power / Time is running, I only count the hours”.

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In that regard, the latest onslaught by the West White House comes less than a week today after the multi-tasking artist released his first single from 2020: The Hard Hit and Faith Wash us in the blood … which would make a themed melody from a hellish campaign.

UPDATE 7:10 PM: And it seems that Kim is totally on board, by the way: