Kanye West posted a video of himself posing on a Grammy

Kanye West gave a golden bath to one of his villagers.

Through a Twitter mail on Wednesday, the “Jesus walks” rapper, 43, threw one of his 21 trophies into the toilet and turned it around.

“Trust Me… I Want Stop”, he captioned the video, which he shared on Twitter after publishing screenshots of his contract with Diff Jam Music Group, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.

West’s off-put video came amid a blaze of tweets about the musicians’ rights to own their master recordings.

“Artist is worth our masters … Artists are starving without tourism … Imma go get our masters … For all artistes … Pray for me,” He tweeted.

West also called Taylor Swift, who publicly robbed Big Machine Records last year of selling his scooter Braun to his owner to help his machine.

“Bono Can I Get A Retweet Love You Paul Can I Get A Retweet Love You Drake Kendrick Even Taylor”. “We need you right nojo.”

Swift, 30, did not publicly answer West’s call for help.

Twitter later required West to delete a tweet in which he revealed the phone number of Forbes Chief Content Officer Randall Lane. The platform hid the tweet from public view, but West would not be able to retweet it until he removed it himself.

As of publication time, the West Read the latest tweet, “90% of record contracts on the planet are still at a royalty. A standard record deal is never a trap to come to you, and like all these hidden costs many labels like ‘delivery fees’ in their contracts. We put more money than our work without even trying. ”