Kanye West personally promised to bring Taylor Swift back to her master

Kanye West has stated that he would personally help Taylor Swift get her master recordings back as she continued to discuss rights issues in the music industry on Twitter.

The rapper began talks about record deals and artists’ rights earlier this week (15 September) when he shared his own contracts with Sony and Universal.

West posted his deal pages on Twitter, saying that he would not release any new music until he was relieved of the contract. He also called himself the “new Moses” and said that the music industry is a “modern-day slave”.

Now, Star has vowed to help Swift, which was bought by scooter Braun after its owner bought his old label Home of Big Machine Records in 2019. “I’m going to go personally about that Taylor Swift gets Messrs Back,” West tweeted. “Scotter is a clammy family.”

In a series of follow-up tweets, he promised to “move the entire music industry into the 21st century”. He wrote, “We are going to complete every transaction officially for all.”

“Just Kidding … I Love … All Artists Should Be Free”. View the tweets above and below now.

Earlier today (September 18), West responded to reports that Jay-Z had sold off his first six albums – including his own recordings such as ‘College Dropout’ and ‘Late Registration’. The deal was done to secure.

“Don’t let the system pit against each other,” he wrote on Twitter. “Jai is my brother … I love all the artists who are still and still trapped [in] This devious system. ”

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