Kanye West files for New Jersey presidential election

Kanye West has filed for the November presidential election, appearing on the New Jersey ballot at the State Documents Show.

The 43-year-old rapper collected 1,327 signatures – more than the 800 required by Monday for independent presidential candidates.

West submitted paperwork on Monday to appear on the Missouri ballot and is set to do the same in New York. He would need 30,000 signatures at Empire State by Thursday’s deadline.

President Wannabe, who currently lives in Cody, Wyoming, has vowed to run under a self-styled birthday party, although paperwork in New Jersey lists his slogan as “pending”.

West, who has bipolar disorder, announced he was running for the presidency in a July 4 tweet – followed by disturbing posts about his marriage to Kim Kardashian, and the hysterical first campaign rally in North Carolina.

Earlier this month, he filed a $ 35,000 fee to appear in Oklahoma on November 3 and made a statement in the Organization’s Statement of Paperwork with the Federal Election Commission.


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