Kanye West compares himself to Nannie Turner, saying he is not releasing music until he ‘dons’ with Sony and the Universal Committee.

Who are waiting for kanye west Donda The album will have to wait a little longer.

The rapper took to Twitter on Monday night (September 14) to share a string of tweets, debuting he announced that “until I do with my contract with Sony and Universal, someone will And I’m not putting music. ”

“On God … in Jesus’ name … come and bring me,” he continued. In January 2019, West filed a number of lawsuits against EMI, the song publisher, which has given her song rights since 2003 and against Rocke-a-Fella Records, UMG Recordings, Def Jam and Bravado International Group.

EMI filed a suit for indemnity against West in March 2019, calling it “a response to West’s efforts to re-enact contractual obligations to the company” in court documents. In January 2020, an agreement was reached between West and EMI.

West took J. Another tweet demanding an “immediate” apology from Cole and Drake, in which the two have quarreled in the past. “I’m Nat Turner … I’m fighting for us,” he said, comparing himself to the American slave who led a Virginia rebellion for independence in 1831. He also compared himself to Moses, calling the music industry and the NBA. “Modern day slave ship,” before declaring that he “does not want to see my people enslaved.”

He said, “I am the second richest black person in America. I need all our people, so that we can free ourselves.” He deleted the tweet, noting that “wealth is in the love of our family and our brothers and our service to God … let’s get up … we contact you too.”

In a tweet that has since been deleted, West stated that he had a meeting with “Sean Carter” before Jay-Z’s real name, Sean Carter, corrected himself. “No respect for my elder brother,” he clarified.

Suno continued to defend itself against labels and publishing companies. “I am not doing industry … I do not care … I am in the service of Christ … We need world medicine … I miss my brothers … I am with black people I refuse to argue, we don’t have labels … even Twitter, “Kanye said,” I have the utmost respect for all brothers … We need to connect and respect each other Requires … on the label we’re not separating each other is not ours. ”

He said, “Let us stop killing each other … Show God that we are God … My ego seems to like me best too.” “God does not measure us with money in his kingdom … let’s love each other … I love my brothers and I miss my friends … the real thing.”

West shared a screenshot of a post from the Instagram account @balleralert, a conversation between NBA star Kevin Durant and businessman Steve Stout, in which he discouraged Black Americans from voting for the rapper in this year’s general election. “Steve Stout is a good man … this is my brother … I’m so disappointed by his recent decisions but Steve is my brother … I understand brother, and I’m here for life,” these tweets Done.