His controversial remarks have attracted the attention of the world, so it is no surprise that Candice Owens’ support of Knees West has caused quite a stir. The birthday party presidential candidate has said many times that give people a break, but on Thursday (10 September), he gave a brief message to the controversial far-right critic, giving a glimpse of the reactions.

The rapper posted a picture of Candace Owen’s book (set for release on 15 September), Blackout: How Black Americans Can Make Their Second Escape From Democratic PlantationWrote on Twitter with the caption, “Thank you Candace Owens.” Like many of his social media messages, Kanye did not offer any other information or explanation, but that does not mean that people did not take it upon themselves to explain their intentions.

West’s endorsement of President Donald Trump, as well as his remarks about slavery and Harriet Tubman, came into discussion among social media users, as well as previous Dar Yeh and Owens touting his “Baxit” shirt. After being promoted that Kanye designed his logo in 2018, he came forward to deny the claims and announced that he was distancing himself from Owens and would do politics altogether. Some have raised suspicions that the tweet is a sign that both have made amends. Read through some responses below.