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Kanye tries to help West

KAny West was in tears. After George Soros calls him out and questions Harriet Tubman’s legacy, the musical mestro-entrepreneur’s speech in South Carolina closing his “presidential campaign” discursive turn to tackle the subject of West’s abortion Got it. He did this through a personal story about his famous wife, Kim Kardashian West — in particular, when she learned that she would become pregnant.

“He had bullets in his hand,” West said, possibly referring to mifepristone, a drug used to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. He said that before comparing him to his own mother, it was God’s vision to have a child. “My father wanted me to have an abortion! My mother saved my life! There is no Kanye West… ”He waved as a sea of ​​iPhones, rolling on camera, clapping with hands. “I almost killed my daughter!” I almost killed my daughter! ”

It was disturbing to see West’s struggle to face his reality in front of a crowd of entertainment fans, encouraging him to continue to restrain his soul, to give it to him. More and more. Instead of people standing to show her support, she relied on these obedient strangers for confirmation.

Kanye West looks unwell. And from his rally on Sunday, it seemed worrying that it had sparked interest for his so-called presidency. But before he starts thinking about Second Amendment rights and how he claims to be a Christian, no one can help but wonder where Were His loved ones? Where was kim?

Yes, we are in the throes of a global epidemic, and yes, it is easy to get tired of being around the same person day in and day out.

Nevertheless, your first presidential rally is very important. You think that the candidate’s husband will appoint at least to participate. But the West was lonely and only had a description of their security for their safety.

West has battled mental-health issues for a long time. In 2016, when he first came out in support of Trump, West abruptly canceled his music tour when police were called to his trainer’s home after a reshuffle and placed him in a psychiatric hold. During an appearance on TMZ in 2018, he made a strict request to declare his love for the people, while declaring that American slavery was an option and declaring his love for President Trump. He has opened up on his albums about being bipolar, and how neglecting to take his medication for being “really” himself.

In the midst of these apparent breakdowns, West finds himself manipulated and co-opted by conservative commentators eager to take advantage of his viability. During his TMZ Meltdown, far-right activist Candace Owens was right there, talking and feeding him. President Trump has used the West for demonstrative photo ops, with the hope of improving his popularity in the black community. And on Monday night, Fox News resident white nationalist Tucker Carlson captured the West’s South Carolina rally to pursue his own anti-abortion agenda, and those expressed concern for the rapper’s mental health.

Fox News resident white nationalist Tucker Carlson took to the West’s South Carolina rally to pursue his own anti-abortion agenda and made fun of those who expressed concern for the rapper’s mental state.