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Kanye and Kim Kardashian West Name Baby after their native Chicago

Chicago will be forever Kanye West's baby.

On Friday, rapper "Famoso", 40, and his wife Kim Kardashian West, 37, revealed that they called their newborn daughter Chicago through their application and website, but many fans have been asking why ? The name of his third son proudly pays homage to the city where Kanye grew up and pursued his dreams.

Despite being born in Atlanta, Georgia, West shared that growing up in the city of Chicago, Illinois, profoundly influenced his life. After her parents divorced when she was only 3 years old, Kanye and her mother, Donda, picked up their lives and moved to Chicago, where she was an English teacher at Clark Atlanta University and president of the English Department in the state of Chicago. . University before retiring to serve as its manager.

Kanye briefly attended the Academy of American Art and the State University of Chicago in 1997, where his mother also served as a teacher, before leaving to pursue music at age 20. Although his career took the place of his education, Kanye was awarded an honorary doctorate by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in March 2015 for his contributions to music, fashion and popular culture, officially making it an honorary DFA. .

School or not, he has the city to credit his success on the hip hop scene, today.

During the early years of his career, Kanye acted as the phantom producer of Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie and, therefore, was unable to release a solo album. Instead, he went on to form a Chicago rap group in the late 1990s called Go-Getters, consisting of him, GLC, Timmy G, Really Doe and Arrowstar. The Go-Getters released their first and only studio album World Record Holders in 1999, featuring other rappers based in Chicago, such as Rhymefest, Mikkey Halsted, Miss Criss and Shayla G ..

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Kanye released his debut album The College Dropout in 2004, but it was in his success of 2007 "Homecoming" from his third studio album Graduation where he decided to express his appreciation for the city of his city, referring to Chicago at least 10 times in the song. On the track, Chicago was personified as his childhood sweetheart named "Windy" to convey his affectionate relationship with the city. In the song, he rhymes about his love for Chi-Town and his guilt for having left "her" to pursue his musical dreams, capturing his bittersweet relationship with the place that made him the artist he is today.

"I met This girl, when I was three years old, and what I liked the most, I had a lot of soul," she says in a verse. "She said:" Excuse me, my friend, I know you do not know me, but my name is Windy and I like to fly trees. "

In 2003, Kanye and her mother founded the "Kanye West Foundation," "With the intention of reducing dropout rates from high school in Chicago and it worked successfully for years until its mysterious closure in 2011 after its grant subsidies slowed down, possibly due to the tragic death of Kanye's mother in 2007.

But his legacy continues.

In 2013 in memory of his mother, Rhymefest established a non-profit organization called Donda & # 39 ; s House, which "provides unparalleled access and education of leading experts in the music, fashion and entertainment industry to Chicago's young and creative young adults." "In 2016, Donda's house bought the house from the singer's childhood in the south of Chicago to house a youth music and art center.

And just as Kanye promised to keep her baby safe for life, I wish I could do that for the people of her hometown. In 2016, the Grammy Award-winning rapper met with Annie Mac of BBC Radio 1 to give an extensive interview, where he talked about Chicago gun violence.

"We are asleep, we are insensitive to 500 children who get murdered in Chicago one year, we are insensitive to the fact that there were seven police shootings in early July," he said.

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