Kangana Ranaut demands Rs 2 crore for sabotage in Mumbai office

Kangana Ranaut has denied allegations that her office in Mumbai had illegal constructions

Mumbai: Actress Kangana Ranaut has sought a compensation of Rs 2 crore from the municipal agency of Mumbai for the “illegal” demolition of a part of her office in the country’s financial and entertainment capital, where real estate is the world’s most expensive.

Ms. Ranaut had approached the Bombay High Court while the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation or BMC was breaking the walls of her film production house Manikarnika Films in Bandra, following which the court ordered BMC to demolish it.

The BMC had listed 14 “breaches” in its office, which included a toilet built in the space marked for the kitchen and an office set up in the area meant for a toilet.

In a petition filed in the Bombay High Court, Ms Ranaut claimed Rs 2 crore for damages, reported RTI. In the amended petition, he said that the demolition work was a direct result of his remarks against the Maharashtra government.

The PTI report states that the expression used by them has angered some quarters and in some quarters, especially a political party which is part of the government in Maharashtra, is the cause of resentment.

The “same party” BMC is also the ruling party, the “Rani” actor said in his petition, without naming the Shiv Sena, which runs BMC – India’s richest municipal corporation.

Ms. Ranaut said that she is expected to live in Mumbai, after which Shiv Sena leaders including Sanjay Raut said that they should move out of Mumbai. Then he said that “Mumbai feels like PoK”, short for Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, a comment that he repeated on the day the BMC was taken into demolition work.

Ms Kangana has alleged that the BMC asked her to harass her as she was reported to have been demolished on 7 September when she was asked to respond within 24 hours in Manali amid a coronovirus epidemic. She flew to Mumbai two days later, escaping from a ring of “Y-Plus” security personnel given by the Center on her complaint in which she was threatened.

The move by BMC had raised questions as to whether the actor was given adequate notice, noting that she had been out of Mumbai for months, and why no action was taken earlier. The BMC was also told about the timing of its action, as Ms. Ranaut announced her withdrawal date last week.

The matter will be heard again in the Bombay High Court on 22 September.