Kamala Harris makes ‘ATL’ her last case

“And especially if you’re Black and hold elected office in the US, coming to Atlanta is like coming back to the womb,” Harris said, to the city’s civil rights foundation.

“Atlanta is a place that has produced leaders who have been national leaders and international leaders, who have always understood that hope will fuel the fight, faith will help us know what is possible.”

Harris spoke in the Supreme Court about the confirmation of Amy Connie Barrett’s all-of-a-deal deal, and in doing so, Thurgood Marshall invoked the court’s first black justice. She talked about climate change, but made sure to make an impact on communities of color. And discussing Democrats’ control of the Senate, she reminded everyone that she was the only black woman to hold the post – and only the second to do so.

“You got people to organize,” he said, “and bring people together and recognize that we have never achieved as a nation in the way of progress.”

Her remarks represent her being completely lean in her identity as a black woman, a California senator often cited in addition to her Indian American heritage. Her visit also tightened the lid on black support in Georgia ahead of the mandatory voting period on October 24, during which all counties in the state would be required to keep polling places open.

Playbook Share: Black voters are key to the Democrats’ victory and win until November on the ballot. 3. Black women are the most active within this polling station See Harris’ position above the ticket as recognition Further fuel for his support of the party and his efforts to exclude the vote.

Fringe games: Democrat leaders anticipating close election results have targeted important voting groups to top the NOV. 3. Young black men, in particular, topped that list. During his visit to Atlantis, Harris organized sessions with groups of them and addressed his role as a prosecutor – something his critics point to as stumbling with the group. During a The interview On Friday with V-103, a Black Atlanta radio station, Harris addressed those concerns.

He said, ‘I am never going to tell anyone to vote for us. We need to earn votes, ”he said. “Black men, like no one else, are unbroken.”

Georgia is in the game: As election day draws to a close, the chances of liberals reaching the state for Zod Biden and electing two Democratic voters are increasing. His claim is fueled by a large number of Black Early voters from ASEAN and Latino and cohabitation around the party, who in the past have voted for a large number of Republicans.

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