Kamala Harris Crash Brandy and Monica’s ‘Verzu’ Battle: ‘You Queens, You Stars!’

On Monday night (August 31) Brandi and Monica split six feet, faced off in a non-miss Varzuz fight between R&B icons.

To help kick things off, the couple received a surprise from Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, who dropped behind them on screen (to show support for the Mitchell Howard University partnership) We All Votes.

Harris said, “I just wanted to thank the ladies.” Thank you for doing this for We All All Votes. It is very important for everyone. Both of you used your voice so powerfully, and an extension of our voice is our vote. ”

“We understand the importance of people’s exit and voting,” said Monica. “And they feel so helpless right now, but that’s how you help yourself, help your community, help your brothers and sisters.”

“I’m fangling right now,” Brandi said excitedly. Brandi and Monica’s fight is the second girls’ fight after Erika Badu and Jill Scott, which returned in May. In fact, the face-off is so hypnotic that it is also coming with its own line of limited-edition merch.