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K.T. The McFarland nomination may be stalled by reports of deceptive testimony about Flynn

Former member of the transitional staff of Trump K.T. McFarland's nomination as ambassador to Singapore has stalled following reports that she may have been misleading in answering questions from the foreign relations committee about her knowledge of the talks of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn with the former Russian ambassador in United States, Sergey Kislyak.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill on Tuesday appeared to have growing concerns about McFarland's lack of clarity on the issue and say that until it is resolved, his nomination may be on hold.

"Look, it's a problem, your nomination freezes for a while until it works and works," Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tennessee told reporters on Tuesday.

According to The New York Times, Sen. Cory Booker, a New Jersey Democrat, asked McFarland during the summer if he had spoken with Flynn about his contacts with Kislyak before the president's inauguration. .

"I do not know any of the problems or events described above," McFarland responded, according to the report.

The New York Times, however, also obtained an email exchange that suggested the opposite: that McFarland knew of a telephone call that Flynn had with Kislyak last December, according to the report.

"General Flynn is talking to the Russian ambassador this afternoon," he wrote in an email to a transitional official, according to the report. "If there is an eye-to-eye escalation, Trump will have difficulties to improve relations with Russia, which has just thrown him into the US elections."

Major Garrett of CBS News reported on Friday that McFarland was the "senior official" on the presidential transition team Flynn spoke in Mar-a-Lago on December 29 about Russia's sanctions and the possible Russian reaction. Flynn pleaded guilty on Friday to a charge of lying to the FBI.

Corker said the question of whether McFarland was misleading or not with the committee has created a "big pause in his nomination." At the same time, Corker said he did not know much about the issue and that dealing with the Singapore post does not figure prominently on the list of issues.

Meanwhile, a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Ben Cardin, D-Maryland, called McFarland to clarify his comments to lawmakers.

"There has been a report on an email that he did not disclose. We have urged him to exist, to appear before the Senate foreign relations committee and clarify some of the information he put at the disposal of the committee," Cardin said.

Alan He and Rebecca of CBS News Shabad contributed to this report.

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