Juwan Howard gives UM lead with 2022 big man

The Michigan basketball team has done well on the draft route, especially with the greats and Juwan Howard is a key reason.

When Juwan Howard came to basketball from Michigan as head coach, he was already coming with some impressive skills to develop the greats with examples like Hassan Whiteside and Bam Adebayo, both centers who excelled with the Heat after not being top picks in the draft. .

In his first season with the Wolverines, Howard helped Jon Teske and Austin Davis improve their game and this year, the work he has done with freshman Hunter Dickinson is likely to catch the attention of many recruits at the position of center.

One center is the recruiting class of 2022 that is seriously considering Michigan being a four-star Donovan Clingan center that Howard and the Wolverines offered on Feb. 16.

Like Dickinson, Clingan is a 7-foot-1 center and is ranked the seventh prospect for center in the recruiting class of 2022 according to 247 composite sports rankings and is the seventh best player in Connecticut, which is his home state. .

Clingan also did a recent interview with Dushawn London, a national basketball recruiting analyst for 247 sports and while he mentioned other schools like Iowa, Rutgers, Syracuse, and UConn, he didn’t speak as highly of them as he did of Michigan – here’s what He said:

“It was great to receive that offer. It is a big school with a great coach. I did a two hour zoom call with the staff and it is a blessing to get an offer from that school. Their message to me was that they see me fit in well on their program, they like my game and they believe I can succeed. They produce big very well and having coach Juwan as coach is huge. He was a great man himself so that plays a part. “

If you look at the article, Clingan says that he has a good relationship with all the schools, but he talked about how great it was to receive the offer from UM. And from a Wolverines perspective, the way he describes his game sounds a lot like Dickinson.

“One of the best things that I believe and many coaches have told me is that my vision of the court and passing is quite good for my size and my position.”

If Dickinson returns to Michigan basketball next season, as most still expect him to do right now, Clingan may have a chance to replace him as the starting center in 2022, and seeing all of Hunter’s success, that’s a tough offer. to let go.

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