Justin Timberlake has a new album coming out.

A lot for going country.

On Tuesday, Justin Timberlake announced Man of the Woods – his first album in five years – with a trickster and homemade trailer of him frolicking in fields with flannel shirts and cradling his son around a furious bonfire. The excessively serious clip had many people on Twitter speculating that this was the attempt of the Tennessee native to reinvent himself as a folkloric troubadour in the mold of Bon Iver, and cross over to the lists of countries like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. They tried awkwardly last year.

That could be his intention, although we will not know for sure until Man is published in full on February 2 (two days before Timberlake heads the Super Bowl halftime show) . But his first futuristic single Filthy that fell early on Friday, suggests that his look is far above the Mason-Dixon line.

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Co-written and produced by Timbaland and Danja, Filthy is a slow jamming for the bedroom, as its title suggests, peppered with squeaks, synthesizer metal distortions and a thick, soft bass line. Explosions of guitars and drums hitting sporadically infiltrate the track for almost five minutes, which could easily be mistaken for a shot by Timberlake of the extensive and similar effort of 2013 The 20/20 Experience .

The music video that accompanies Filthy projects the pop singer / R & B as a technological giant of Steve Jobs who presents his latest breakthrough: a dancing robot. At first, amazed, the assembled crowd is baffled as the moves of the android become increasingly suggestive with the dancers, which reflects the chorus of the song: "Go and put your dirty hands on me / No, this is not clean version." Corny? Yes, but it works.

In general, Filthy is a bold introduction to the next era of Timberlake, although we have the feeling that its discordant tempo changes and its unclassifiable sound will impede its possibilities in the radio of the top 40. In any case, Filthy feels more like an advance than a simple one, and it makes us wonder what other curved balls could throw in our way Man in the Woods .


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