Justin Timberlake premieres & # 39; Man Of The Woods & # 39; at the forest theme party in New York

If the latest photos of Justin Timberlake's new album campaign do not convey the message that he's interested in nature and the forest, his first listen to the project took the point.

Tuesday's event in New York City will debut Man Of The Woods was decorated with shrubs and trees, while ants were served covered in black garlic and rose oil and grbadhoppers.

But do not worry too much about the pop star changing the subject, the album – like the main dance single – sticks to the musical personality of Timberlake, as cheerful pop, R & B and electronic songs make up the collection of 16 songs.

Members of the music industry, members of the press and American Express cardholders – the company organized the event and will hold another on Wednesday – listened to the entire album while the red lights were illuminated in the large space, which Timberlake helped design

"I will not go all Ray LaMontagne " T imberlake said in the audience, jokingly referring to the singer and songwriter known for his rock and folk sound.

He called "Man Of The Woods" a "personal album" and said the album is a tribute to his 2-year-old Silas, a name that means "live in the woods."

"That's where the idea came from," said Timberlake, who attended the event with his actress and wife, Jessica Biel, as well as family and friends. He said he had flown to the city to support him.

Silas' voice appears in the song that closes the album, "Young Man"; Alicia Keys is in the root "Morning Light"; and Chris Stapleton appears in "Say Something", which seemed to be a public favorite at the event.

Timberlake, who will headline the part-time Super Bowl show next month, worked again with megaproducer Timbaland on the album. The first single and the first album, "Filthy", debuted at number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week.

Strangers Things actor Gaten Matarazzo also attended the event. Man of the Woods is available on February 2.

We ate grbadhoppers and ants with Justin Timberlake, who played us his entire album #ManOfTheWoods before his 2/2 release before his part-time show in the Super Bowl. I have a lot of feelings about @ jtimberlake & # 39; s new music that I will share later (we signed an NDA). BUGS = FILTHY– pic.twitter.com/ocgefJOweH

– Brian A. Hernandez (@BAHjournalist) January 17, 2018

fantasy bugs, basically – #ManoftheWoods [19659015] pic.twitter.com/6rJF1n09lp

– Brian A. Hernandez (@BAHjournalist) January 17, 2018

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